Sunday 22 July 2012


Im increasingly perturbed by companies advertising that they can build cinemas in Portugal who dont have ANY qualifications whatsoever.
To a company like Projectiondreams-who do have THX and ISF qualifications,who have learnt their trades over many years,this is frustrating.
I begrudge nobody a living,but unqualified folks installing poorly, that which they have little knowledge of or little ability to support, damages the Audio Video market in the Algarve.

We are repeatedly asked to *put right* others installs or resolve issues for clients who have been left high and dry when something has gone wrong.

In the last 3 years,three a.v. companies have gone to the wall since Projectiondreams have opened in the Algarve,another company has downsized ..this is no coincidence,,by the nature of the quality of work we do and the service we offer..the unskilled will fall away...and thats ultimately good for the customer whose confidence can be restored .

Projectiondreams make no idle boasts,we regularly show we are the best by a country mile..and we are proud of that...

I let our work do our talking..

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