Saturday 19 April 2014


Since the BBC,ITV channels have migrated onto the new satellite,viewers across Spain & Portugal have lost key channels.

These channels were traditionally known as FTA (Free To Air) channels and carried no charges for receiving in the the past with a large enough dish we were able to aquire these channels..HD as well..

But..we were fortunate-it was never going to last and for a few years now a la ITUNES the plan has been to migrate t.v. channels onto the internet where infrastructure costs are reduced and ultimately customers can choose from a menu and pick exactly what they want to view and when.

Enter IPTV,which has migrated from the Commercial sector where over the last 3/4 years if you have stayed in some of the better hotels worldwide you would have already seen in some form.

With the advent of IPTV into the consumer domain,poor ISP services and poor internal networks have been exposed and demanded that folks improve these aspects of their setup in readiness for the streaming future.

Most know now they need a true unlimited ISP provision with between 10-12Mbps at night to enable perfect IPTV viewing as well as using other services like Youtube streaming,IPADS etc..

In a modern household of 4 people you need at least 10Mbps at night...

With Projectiondreams currently being the most prolific seller of IPTV in Portugal-unlike copy cat competitors we are already on our second incarnation of IPTV..the Blade 360 HD.

This is the ULTIMATE IPTV box in Europe at the moment..the unreserved best and as I type this,NO other seller in Europe offers HD channels on an IPTV platform.

..But we haven`t rested on our laurels..we have listened to our customers to include regional variations of the most popular channels,Welsh,Irish and Scottish channels.

Even to include Low Bandwidth versions of all the channels-so IF your internet drops out you can continue watching at a lower bandwidth...

We have also added a Movieclub which has HD and SD Movies-over 160 that constantly change..

Then add some terrific Radio stations,Youtube,the ability to use as a Media player if you attach a hard drive...7 days EPG & Catchup..

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