Saturday 31 May 2014


Dear Folks,

Let me state by saying this..IF you are building a Villa or renovating a Villa in Portugal..NO Interior designer should be making suggestions on Audio Video equipment..


Because Interior Designers are NOT qualified Audio Video professionals & do not understand optimal viewing distances,lighting tolerances..for example..what is the room to be used for..when?..JUST the selection of the right t.v. depends on numerous size,viewing distance/angles,ambient light etc..the selection of Audio is incredibly important that it is tuned to the room size and accurate speaker placement reflect this..

Very common now are "Furniture Packages" with a couple of cheapo t.v.s thrown in..profits are maximised in this fashion..the client winds up with a decent looking couple of rooms.. and two crummy looking t.v.s not necessarily fit for purpose...

I Have spoken to many clients who have lamented the fact that afterwards ..yes..the room looks decent but the picture quality and Audio quality are poor..

*The more astute Interior designers come to Projection Dreams..give us the room dimensions..tell us the clients chosen colours and ask us to match...indeed we have our own custom furniture & seating division where we can make to clients specification with a 50% saving off r.r.p.s elsewhere.

What is interior design?...Its matching the clients requirement with furniture/seating/Lighting/accesories and requisite Audio Video requirement..

Projectiondreams Audio Video Interiors are UNIQUE in Portugal inasmuch as we can combine ALL the above to truly make something special..whatever your heart desires..we have proven we do the best work..and we will save you thousands with our fair pricing-because with come to the source..:-)

Where there are areas where we are not involved we recommend only the top services that WE have ratified as the best..for example-Paul Bennetts Luxury Beds..the ONLY Hypnos bed dealer in Portugal..the beds the Queen of England has..the best in the world..and fairly priced way below lesser offerings elsewhere..

We work with three top cabinetry/carpentry companies...

We are after all the company that can do this...

Way..WAY..beyond anything ANY interior Designer in Europe could accomplish on their own..

Come to the source..:-)...Come to the best...the ONLY Audio Video Interior design company in Europe and be content in the fact that you haven`t paid through the nose to middle men..

Vincent Myers  M.D.

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