Monday 10 August 2015


Hello Folks,

I would like to alert you to a current business trend that I consider almost fraudulent..

I talk of virtual addess\s and "Multiple" locations that dont actually know the type  LONDON...PARIS ..PECKHAM...that sort of stuff..

Such things are designed to make the customer think they are dealing with a bigger outfit than they actually are..kind of "Oh,they must be successful"..they are all round the world!"..

Its a con..short and simple..its lying to the customer.

What you have to ask yourselves is this..If they can lie about this what else are they lying about?

At Projectiondreams there are no such fairy tales..we have two REAL locations in the in in Luz..

At both locations we can show you top quality Cinemas of the level you could expect in your property..we are proud of what we can do and not ashamed to show it!

Real honest investment from a company of 16 years pedigree...

There are many that tout they can do Cinemas yet cant actually show you one-there are many that tout multiple locations-but again struggle to show you one...and at this moment in time in the Algarve, NOBODY apart from Projectiondreams can show you a REAL Cinema to THX and ISF standards..

Of course we are in the Algarve..the land of reinvention..and lies to get your money..remember this when you come to make a choice about your Audio Video and remember that Projectiondreams are the only Install company in Portugal to publish their prices and the only install company in the Algarve to be able to show you the highest quality of product/service and build. ...

Projectiondreams are Sony Professionals chosen partner in the Algarve..Denon and Marantz choice as CI Installers,selected by M & K sound as their Portugese partner...REAL pedigree founded on trust by solid professionals and companies esteemed in the Audio video world.

Projectiondreams are the European partner of Kipnis Studios in the U.S...owned by Jeremy Kipnis-possibly the top Audio Video company in the world....even should you want a Commercial Cinema ..we can build you one..

..And no..we dont have a location in Peckham...;-).

Best Regards,
Vincent Myers M.D.



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