Saturday 31 October 2015


O.K.  You have just moved to the Algarve and found out that its difficult to get the same sort of channel choices that you were used to in the u.k....everybody and their cat will suggest the next best thing..their will be folks "swearing" by this solution and that..most of them will say the same thing..its FREE...

Of course there is no such thing..:-)

These are the "solutions" that you should avoid like the plague..

1. Filmon..

pedantic...poor quality...takes time to get to the t.v. channel,awkward to get to your t.v...anything approximating decent quality will cost you monthly..poor film content..indeed their HD is actually no better than average SD...averaging a paltry 400kbps,high level of ads on the "free" version....

On a small device like an IPAD o.k.ish...but on a decent t.v. where a great pic should be the norm?..forget it...

European TV Package at €9,95 when ordered via a computer, or €13,95 from the iOS app (as of March 2014).still only gets you about 30 decent FTA u.k. channels...only a 2 day EPG..

2..Satellite (Turn the dish round)

 IS-907 feeds are encrypted (using BISS encryption) in Portugal,this means relying on regular hacked codes to be programmed into your Sat receiver to receive no longer available u.k. channels. This ILLEGAL..very expensive as you have to pay for in most cases..a new Satellite receiver,pay to have your dish re aligned to face this Satellite and all for below 10 channels..and of course every time the codes change you can be without t.v. for upto a week.

Initial costs here have been quoted as upto 500 Euros.....

Really this "solution" is for the extremely gullible who still buy into the Sat salesmans pitch that its only temporary until the channels come "back"...

What they dont tell you is you are STILL involved with archaic technology,Satellite has had its day..the world has moved onto IPADS and 4K T.V.S now..streaming with no need for an ugly huge "dustbin lid" on your roof is the choice of the astute now.

This "solution" is a con..and illegal..and riduculously expensive for a handful of channels..

3. Android Boxs..

The "sales point" of these is that there are no subscriptions to pay..quite right..there is also little decent t.v. to watch either..

Android boxs depend on links on the lets say Jonny Patel puts links to all the BBC channels on the internet and creates a "repository" called may work fine for a few may be that some days it works ..some days it doesnt..because Jonny has to work in the restaurant at night and hasnt time to check if the channels are working..then it just stops..because its a project and Jonny isnt making any money from it..

You see down to watch PATELT.V. and its vanished...this is the community links from enthusiasts come and go...there is ZERO reliability bnecuae there is no money in it for the "providers" they dont really care..

Some Android boxs are decent..(..and the decent ones are very Expensive. capable...but they still depend on links for their content not assured provision. 

****Any Android box under 100 Euros WILL be a piece of chinese junk...


Recently there have been all manner of back door pikeys offering IPTV ...of course its cheaper..its sold by someone not paying taxes in most instances and the customer has NO comeback in the event of an issue..recently an IPTV seller in Spain run off with a lot of his dealers money and thousand of folks were cut off...

Most IPTV "SELLERS" are not source providers they are resellers of resellers and their service can go down at any time....

IPTV is an embryonic system and good support is paramount..without even an invoice..there is zero chance of recourse if you have an issue..

So why Projectiondreams_ 

We utilise the three best TRUE service providers currently available..these have been arrived at through almost 3 years R and D..they have proven reliable..with Projectiondreams they have advanced the platform..we continue to do so...Their are offerings purporting to offer the same as us from illegal sellers..but these are not using our service providers nor do they have the support of Projectiondreams..

Projectiondreams is a quality custom install company,IPTV is provided by our seperate division now IPTVWORLDSERVICES...the biggest IPTV supplier in Portugal with over 1500 boxs sold... 

We are biased of course,but we are proud of our solutions,we have the most upto date quality Movies,the most HD and the most 3D..the most boxsets..the best picture quality and a service that has only gone down once in almost 3 years.

There are further refinements and improvement to come via the IPTV platform..and you will hear of them from Projectiondreams first..

The quality of our product sells itself..we dont do cheap..we do fair and quality and that comes with our legendary support..Our box sales prove our superiority over all other current mechanisms..

Projectiondreams has had a challenge out there for 3 years...let someone come into our showrooms and prove-as a legitimate seller- they have a better box and service via comparison and i shall give them 100 Euros..

Suffice it to say...nobody in 3 years has won the 100 euros..



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