Tuesday 5 July 2016



Projectiondreams are exceptionally proud to have been chosen as the Datasat distributors for Portugal.

Alistair Bourne of Projectiondreams having completed all the training is now certified on Datasat and Dirac equipment to Cinema level one.


Our Almancil Cinema has now had a major revamp to include a new 14 channel Dolby Atmos/Auro 3D Datasat RS20i system using M AND K SOUND speakers with Parasound amplification.

IF you want the best possible Cinema in your home ..come and see whats possible...

Datasat RS20i 

Built by audiophiles for audiophiles, no expense has been spared in producing the most versatile, customizable and feature-rich audio processor available today in the high end consumer space.

With sleek, elegant looks designed by Neal Feay Company, an award-winning designer of consumer electronics, the Datasat RS20i makes an attractive component of any luxury home entertainment system. 

With great looks comes real power.

Developed on the same Datasat platform as our audio processor systems for professional cinema, the RS20i delivers a new dimension in surround sound excellence. Audio is transparent and true-to-source to ensure that the listening experience is every bit as stunning as the visuals.

Designed by the Datasat engineering team, the circuitry design and audio quality is second to none. Including such features such as memory profile settings, stackable multiple EQs, room optimisation/correction and extensive automation controls (not previously seen in high end audio processors) the RS20i is a cut above the competition.

Dialog is crystal clear, sound tracks sound like they are being played from the original mixing desk and features such as HDMI v1.4a mean the RS20i can also seamlessly handle 3D video content.

The RS20i is a professional sound solution. Once configured, it is easy to manage with all the power of a cinema audio processor available at your fingertips through your smartphone, iPad or laptop.

Datasat’s entrance into the high end consumer market is a natural progression based upon its many years in the professional cinema market. 

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