Tuesday 8 November 2016



As a founder member of ELITE TRADERS,we have always been comitted to quality and will only work with the very best.


Projectiondreams-well practiced in creating Cinema and Entertainment spaces-have now expanded into unique and cost effective complete renovations of properties.

Why cost effective?

..Well,its very simple..its our building team,our Home Automation specialists,our electricians,our aesthetics people,Gardening division..we even have our own company that makes our furniture,sofas..even Cinema seating!..

All of this professionally project managed from a company whose M.D. has over 20 years experience at large companies like Honeywell,U.S. Robotics and ARRI in ..project management.

What this means for the customer is a confidence that the total project will have synergy and from the very beginning all be designed to work together.

This of course is a distinct difference from a builder hiring different Eastern European elements and drilling their prices into the ground then sticking his "lump" on the prices ..

In most instances this means the client pays top dollar for mediocrity..has numerous disputes with differing and disgruntled factions and invariably winds up with problems.

Not so with Projectiondreams,we listen to our clients ..agree a price...submit a detailed proposal with staged payments and project dates...

The price doesnt change..the project wont over run...

But of course the GREATEST thing about having a Pedigree Intelligent Home Renovation,is that Projectiondreams as the number one Audio Video company in Europe will ensure that your security,Lighting,Pool Areas of Entertainment,Video Entry,multi room Audio and Video,heating,Air Con,,everything.. are cutting edge and ALL controllable from an IPAD...

NOBODY else in the Algarve can do this for you...NOBODY else can match the level of expertise that Projectiondreams can bring to your project..

With world wide awards,the most experience in Audio and Video in Europe with THX and ISF credentials stretching back 20 years..you will not get a better job..a fairer priced total project or the same level of peace of mind that one solution offers you.

Of course we put our money where our mouth is and are currently renovating a large area and Quinta for a very well known client..and of course can do exactly the same for you..

Want to make money on your proparty?...we have the Alvaras and the expertise to increase the value of your investment...new builds as well of course..even easier...

Want to discuss further what you require?

Talk to the organ grinder not the monkey...

Contact ..Vincent Myers M.D. on 910 510821




  1. I am sure you will receive excellent service and value.

  2. I admire what you have done here. I like the part where you say you are doing this to give back but I would assume by all the comments that this is working for you as well. 3d innovations: home renovation singapore