Sunday 29 January 2017

PROTECT PRO from PROJECTIONDREAMS..time to prevent burglaries!!!

Dear Folks,

In this era of "security monitoring" by companies for the rich and famous..what does that actually mean?

Well,it means some chap sits in an office and watches your property..if theres an alarm go off..they send someone round within 10mins..( By which time the burglars are long gone)....If they see something suspicious they call the police....

Utterly and completely useless..when you are a stranger in a strange land,if you are reasonably affluent you ARE at risk and inside jobs are rife.

There is a far better way..

With PROTECT PRO from Projectiondreams using Visualint  HD Nightvision cameras alarm and IR sensor package you can remotely view your own cameras or are alerted when a beam is email can be sent straight to the police..or a property manager...

Well not to different i hear you say...well there are two MAJOR differences...with our Home Automation skills we can enable the client from anywhere in the world to "warn" the burglar by two way VOICE for example a beam is tripped..sends you an alert..opens up the requisite area and allows you to say " YOU ARE BEING MONITORED AND THE POLICE ARE ON THEIR WAY"..with the cameras you can remotely zoom in...or pan and scan..AND once you have warned the person/persons you can activate an internal 120DB siren that will ensure that the burglar exits your property with shattered ear drums to boot..

Most burglaries are inside jobs,a few years ago in the Algarve a security monitoring company was exposed as "turning a blind eye" to robberies and even collaborating with the robbers.

In short cannot trust anyone with such things..but you can trust yourself with the right equipment...

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