Saturday 19 August 2017



A pat on the back..youv\e done well in your life..worked bloody hard and have a fantastic home to show for it..5 bedrooms..swimming pool...outside barbeque...

You should be having a ball right?

Well,most people i speak to are not...there homes have become retreats of convenience for freeloading friends and family..who expect their "hosts" (entertainment servants) to perpetually keep them amused..

I have often said to up a least you\ll earn some money!!

 Dont get me wrong,its great to see old friends and family in small doses..and lets be fair,we need an "off" button for them..:-)..or the ability quite easily to beam them back when WE are bored of having to act like a performing monkey.

So the reality is all youv\e worked for is in great part tied up in those extra three bedrooms that sit empty except when the freeloaders descend. (I mean even with a caravan in the back garden you would have SOME privacy).

There is of course another route to take...that will make you exceptionally happy and allow YOU to enjoy finally,the fruits of your labours.

Knock two of those bedrooms into one..create a fantastic Music room..or private Cine Lounge..or a library for you to read..create YOUR private space..or a family space for your immediate family not the obscure ones that have turned up SINCE youv\e aquired the house with a pool in the Algarve..(Got to be better than Rochdale rain)..

Build a shed in the garden for the visitors..or give them some sleeping aint exactly cold is it?...If they REALLY want to see you and not the pool,climate and free lunch\s they will still come..great thing is they wont stay long...

ok,i know what your thinking..isnt this a bit selfish?

Yes,,it is..but no more so than the "freebies" turning up almost potless and thinking your life stops because they have visited..

This isnt a rehearsal..this is the real thing..time is precious..dont waste what YOU want..spend YOUR money how you want..

There needs to be a revolution in how we think,RIGHT from the beginning of when we plan the needs to be built how YOU want it..encompassing the things that you want and want a room for your train may not want to sacrifice it for a bedroom just because the missus wants her sister,brother in law and three noisy kids to pop over and spill crisps all over the carpet..

Projectiondreams are dedicated to making your home the Entertainment space of your dreams ..and proud to continue to make it difficult for the freeloaders..:-)

So this....



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