Friday 2 August 2019


Hello Folks,

For many years the term "Home Cinema" has been used to cover a HUGE range of systems from a humble TV and soundbar to a full Dolby Atmos Custom Cinema.

This of course is pure marketing hype and of course absolute nonsense..i mean have you ever seen a TV and a soundbar in a commercial cinema?..Might you ask for your money back if you had?

The truth is there are hundreds of different systems from 5k to 500k that will deliver an audio visual experience.

Part of our remit at Projectiondreams for our customers is finding "the punishment that fits the crime" for our clients for their budget.

There are essentially three main categories...TV based systems..Cine Lounges..and Custom Cinemas.

A tv based system will encompass a large screen TV (55" and above) and a soundbar..for an existing  lounge this can be a good solution.

A Cine Lounge may encompass a Dolby Atmos speaker system (standalone or discrete-in ceilings ..hidden speakers etc..).85" tv..custom sofa etc...This is a great option whereby you do not have a dedicated cinema room but want a great looking and sounding system with minimal disruption from a building perspective.

The ultimate is a Custom Cinema..designed to your specification and tailored from a processing and amplification perspective to the size of the room-with viewing distances carefully calculated to ensure the maximum visual impact.

We have had clients in the past ask us.."How much is a Cinema?" much is a car?...Ots all about what you want..what you want to you want the replication of a commercial cinema on a smaller scale..OR..a great sounding "Home" Cinema.?

The skill is in using our experience and great selection of brands to deliver the best "bang for your buck"...

A demonstration is absolutely essential when buying a Cinema-so demo as much as you can..try and save Projectiondreams till last and then see the level change possible..

We do not depend on distributor "suggestions"..we are the distributors for many of our comparing us to a normal dealer is rather like (and i in no way want to sound ostentatious here-rather truthful) comparing Frank Sinatra to a pub singer.

Because we are distributors ,our choices are our own..our synergy is our own based on 40 years of experience and our prices fantastic...

Add into the mix THX and ISF certification,the largest portfolio of work in Europe and the only company in Portugal with three demonstration showrooms-we think the choice is clear, is cheap..we prefer to prove our capability!  So...come and see for yourself at either Almancil..Carvoeiro or Luz...and be prepared to be WOWWED..

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