Monday 9 August 2021


 Hello Cinema fans!!!

For those considering a custom cinema,there are two constants...

1. You love Movies..

2. The thrill of the performance and feel of a great commercial cinema have never left you..


Of course,with point 2. this is what ideally ,you want to recreate..that unique experience..that sense of wonder when you were a child..the huge awesome image..the thunderous sound....

You want that "Rolls Royce" movie dont want a dont want large screen want a TRUE commercial quality Cinema experience-just in your home..

You certainly dont want someone selling you a Ford BUT telling you its a Rolls Royce..and in THIS industry..thats extremely common..anyone selling tvs will try and tell you that the large screen and projector they are selling you equals a TRUE cinema..

It does not..

To have a REAL cinema experience there are certain givens that MUST be observed..

 The 12 points that MUST be adhered to for a residential cinema to be classed as equal to, and surpassing, a top commercial cinema:

1) Build out the rear wall to house the projector and equipment

2) Custom made screen, built onsite to perfectly fit the room size and projector throw distance

3) Full floor cinema carpet, including on the stage

4) A fibre optic star ceiling 

5) Decouple the room from the concrete walls using, OSB, rockwool and rubber sheeting

6) Acoustically treat the interior of the room, using Creative Coverings, to create a "level playing field", this stops harsh echoes and reflections

7) Acoustically treat the ceiling with the same Creative Coverings as the wall

8) Video provided by 4K Sony Pro laser projector, the baby brother to Sony´s D-Cinema range

9)  Fibre optic signal path, from source movie server, through the processor to the projector

10)  Audio system designed to enhance Dolby Atmos, DTS:X and Auro 3D immersive sound formats, amplification and speakers by Aurea, the residential brand of LW speakers

11)  The cinema has been designed and setup to the exacting standards laid out by SMPTE, Cedia, THX & ISF and now..IMAX,,,,,

12)  Cinema is accredited by, and carries the signed certificate of authentication, from Luis Wassmann and Sony Pro

If your room doesn't adhere to ALL of the above points then it isn't a true cinema, it is large screen entertainment.



Without the observation of the above are NOT buying a Rolls WILL be buying a Ford.

There are certain things you can check..for example..

1. Does the equipment suggested by the company have ANY true cinema merit or is it over priced hi fi gear?

2. Has acoustic preperation been included,requisite cinema diagrams,speaker positioning etc..?

3. The person recommending the cinema company to they have any cinema expertise or are they recommending the company that "looks after" them the best?

4. You MUST have a demonstration to validate your purchase otherwise someone could be suggesting an overpriced lemon..


The whole purpose of a showroom is for you to experience the system..go to many showrooms..different companies..see what YOU not take the word of some parasite on a back hander..they are for them..not for you..

Its VERY simple..make your purchase based on what YOU love..what experience takes you closest to that sense of awe you experienced when you were young..

Thats what you deserve..accuracy to the medium you love....

At Projectiondreams we are passionate about replicating the true cinema experience..we call a Commercial grade true cinema..a custom cinema..

We use brands USED within the commercial cinema industry..we use the same stringent criteria..

Check out our testimonials and cinema portfolio...

Then come and have a demo at any one of our three showrooms..choose what YOU love in the knowledge and security that you shall get the best..the most accurate..and once again be transported back to that awesome experience you had when you were a child...




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