Friday 15 March 2013


Hello Folks,

At Projectiondreams we do Satellite Installs a little different from the other Satellite * purveyors * on the Algarve..

How so?  Why buy a Satellite system from Projectiondreams?

Because we apply the same level of excellence to ANY aspect of Audio Video as we apply to the most specialised Custom Cinemas..

For us its another Audio Video Environment to be presented in a total quality way..that means the latest SKY HD boxes,that means a quality HDMI cable to replace the cheap and nasty freebie HDMI lead applied with a SKY HD box..and this alone makes a significant improvement to your picture..

We get the highest quality signal reception possible by using the best equipment and cables..AND most significantly,you get optimised settings on your t.v. by way of a FREE setup if you require..

This initself from the only company in Portugal to currently hold...the ISF acreditation to Vincent Myers our M.D...makes another significant difference,from a quality perspective, to how ANY A.V. job is approached..

Vincent has held this certification for 14 years and has indeed gone way beyond this through years of experience setting up EVERY display imaginable right back to expensive 3 tube crt systems.

With his calibration & setups mandates encompassed in the Cinema360 ideology-to which ALL Projectiondreams staff adhere..with seminars offered to other industry professionals,we are able to prove significant benefits on ANY equipment installed in terms of that last piece of performance that can be eked out of them.

Vincent Says this...

"Numerous customers have said to me that for many years in the Algarve,folks have not had the benefit of a qualified company in both Audio & Video,a company holding THX and ISF certifications,performing their installs..I am doing MANY revamps where frankly,I have seen past shoddy work by others that shall remain unamed, ruining the experience for the customer..poor cabelling..poor cables..incorrect view distances,poorly setup projectors,no audio calibration OR video calibration..AND in most instances,the customer has paid through the nose for the *pleasure*...this is disgraceful...and proves that a little knowledge can be a dangerous thing.

I take pride in what I do and want my customers to have the best Audio Video experience possible for the fairest every area of Audio Video-that includes Satellite as well

For example,a Basic sat install for 1.4m Prime Focus dish with twin LNB and 2 feeds going to the Sky HD box: (The newest 895 3D model) with Dish, feedhorn, bracket, cables, LNB, fixings and delivery to site - 750 Euros inc. iva..this includes FULL install,t.v. setup and the inclusion of a FREE quality HDMI cable of any length upto 7metres worth between 30 & 70 Euros...

With a 1.8 metre dish add 150 Euros..."

Proof positive as well that the best are not always the most expensive..:-)
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