Sunday 7 April 2013


Hello Folks,

Well,I am flattered..some of the unqualified purveyors of Audio Video in the Algarve-who all of course watch Projectiondreams for inspiration-are blatantly copying us -or rather trying to copy us,in how they operate and install-even on their Facebook pages.

Of course there is a difference between a nicely decorated room with some decent kit thrown in and a TRUE Custom Cinema implemented by THX and ISF professionals who have actually PASSED their exams many year ago and accumulated many years of experience-not just sat a 2 day course!..

By the same token,a guy from a burger van doesn't become Gordon Ramsey by watching one of his programs..;-)

A true cinema by professionals will perform,will have synergy of the kit-whatever the pricepoint,and will of course adhere to specific technical criteria,I will not damn anothers work because to do that would mean I would have to point out what was clearly wrong and that initself is good free advice..

I have no bitterness to anybody that loves A.V. -quite the opposite-and I welcome fair and honest competition-be nice to get some..:-)

The bottom line still remains the same,Projectiondreams are the MOST qualified A.V. company-we can prove that-and we shall repeatedly show that through quality,originality and technical prowess...our time with all things A.V. over a combined 45 years means we know what works best with what..we do not rely on any distributors mantra..we establish through knowledge and experience our own benchmarks--and do -with themed cinemas and cinema 360 cinemas desire to continue to create the original and unique..

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