Sunday 23 June 2013


Hello Folks,

There has been a lot of nonsense spoken of the impending doom of the BBC,ITV,CHANNEL 4 channels etc,,

What IS the truth?

The truth is by end August/early September,these channels are migrating to another satellite with a narrower beam just focused on the U.K....

The question is,will SKY provide any solution?

The answer is already out there..they have..:-)..but you have to know how and where to obtain it.....:-)

There are currently 3 ways to get sky and other channels not indiginous to Portugal..

1.SKY HD***expensive,requires re boots every so often,fantastic EPG.

2.IPTV,streamed from the HD IPTV solutions are currently available and even to recieve decent SD you have to have a very good broadband connection..

3.Card sharing systems-there are a few boxes where quality is as good if not better than a sky box,with 1080p picture.(*sky is limited to 1080i) with far lower subscriptions but basic EPG.

Option2 I dont recommend if you want HD Quality...1 and 3 are the quality choices..and its very simple,IF you live here full time-then option 1..if you are here part time or rent your property..option3 ...

Streaming of 1080p HD requires about 9mbts per second bandwidth..

At Projectiondreams,Alistair and our networking chap have the requisite networking skills to optimise your setup and suggest the right system for all means call for a free site survey..

917 563 665.


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