Thursday 20 June 2013


Hello Folks,
I remember when EBAY started in the 90`s,a great auction site with a terrific philosophy..both the buyer and the seller could leave feedback for the transaction-over time the good/bad sellers could be seen-as could the good/bad buyers.

Over the years I used often- to sell second hand high end a.v. equipment trade ins I had pulled out of installs..and about 5 years ago was the golden era of EBAY..most of the bad buyers (*scammers) had vanished..the feedback system meant something and you had a choice by looking at that feedback to decide whether or not to trade...Fairness to both buyer and seller reigned...

..Now,there was one thing wrong with this picture..everytime a "bad buyer" was booted off EBAY they complained that it was the bad old sellers that had driven them off by "exploiting" the feedback system...

This of course was in the main-nonsense..bad buyers got numerous bad feedback and their own track record sealed their fate...same with sellers...

BUT...too many buyers were leaving..too much potential revenue was being was no longer about safe was just about profits..

So EBAY changed the greatest thing it had..the democratic feedback system..

Now on ebay,you CANNOT leave bad feedback for a can for a seller of what has happened over the last few years?..ALL the scammers have crept back,you can no longer use the feedback to assess a potential trade..because its all you dont know who you are trading with..who is buying from you..

Its a ONE SIDED system that cannot allow the seller to make an informed choice of who he transacts with..every buyer looks "good"....

..Worst than this,there was a massive "witch hunt" against the sellers-who were all assumed to be "dodgy" and preoccupied with getting rid of buyers!...

So for example,a buyer opens a dispute..even If found in the sellers favour..(*they seldom are),the dispute opened counts against the seller in his "seller dashboard"...add to this ebays analysis of facets of a sellers performance based on...wait for it...WHAT THE BUYER SAYS..EVEN THE DISGRUNTLED ONES...then using this information to perpetually judge that seller...

Even worst,If your seller score dips in just one area,you are placed lower in the you lose sales and are penalised further when you sell less..etc..etc....

I digress,heres what recently happened to me....I sold 3 speakers and a sub i pulled out of an install...for a bargain price...they were perfect and packed that well that short of rolling over them in a fork lift truck,you couldnt damage them.....

..Well,the buyer said the base was cracked..uummm,so I asked for a photo of the item to see (*customary) and then said based on that I would partially refund for the damaged item if required..

I never received a picture..what I get is a dispute opened and my payment i escalted to EBAYs Resolution Team..(*they are fair to resolution in the same fashion as Adolf Eichmann was to customer care)... heres the result...

Hello Vincent,

Thank you for writing back eBay Customer Service about the speakers (190840698234) that you have sold to "romantoga". I understand your concern about 
the buyer does not want to return the goods and he was trying to elicit a partial refund without proving any damage. I'm happy to assist you with this.

To begin with, we would like to commend you for your time and effort in resolving the issue with your buyer. Your sense of initiative to resolve this matter is highly appreciated.
I've reviewed the details of the case and see the decision that the buyer should return the item and be issued with a full refund was the correct one. 

No its not..the buyer should have been asked to prove the supposed damage to the ONE item out of the 4 he was sent.

We've made this decision as we believe it's the fairest one for both parties. 

How is it fair to me? money is held..the buyer currently has the goods...if he doesnt send them back..which he wont..I have to wait another 10 days for my funds to be released..

We have asked the buyer to return the item back to you on the 18th of June, 2013. We'd kindly ask you to let us know if you've received the item or not within 10 days, as this will help us to make a decision quicker. 

The buyer bought ITEMS  not ITEM..please read the listing..

Once we get confirmation that you've received the returned item, eBay will refund the buyer the cost of the item plus the original P&P on your behalf. We'll then seek reimbursement from your PayPal account or another reimbursement payment method on file.


Note that the case will close  automatically if the buyer doesn't provide a tracking number or if the tracking information doesn't show that the item was delivered.

I hope this guy isnt been paid JUST on submission of a tracking number?..because that would be idiocy of the highest magnitude..and I assure you IF that happens,I will consult my lawyer..watchdog..whatever it takes to recover my money.

Once you've received the item, we encourage you to inspect it. If you find there's an issue with the item, outside of what was already stated by your customer, you have the option to appeal our decision. This can be done by through the Resoluion Centre of by sending us an email.

NO..i am not agreeing to be put into a position where I have to prove the buyer has sent me stuff back..and not the original items...and this is what he will do because hes a SCAMMER..

I trust that I've explained things clearly and wish you all the best on eBay in the future.

Kind regards,
Alan Perry
eBay Customer Serv

I am extremely unhappy with this ludicrous decision that holds my money on a scammers say so with NO proof sought..whats worst you are completely ignorant of the true let me try one last time...

The guy emailed me and said he had damage to the base of one speaker out of the FOUR he bought.. apparently this damage was a fine crack..I was incredulous because the items had been extremely well packed...nevertheless,I asked him to send the ONE item back and I would partially refund...

HE NEVER DID...he opened a dispute...why?..when I had resolved...?...BUT..the "resolution" team -who always find against the seller and should be renamed.."Buyer Support",who work on policy not proof..allowed this scammer to operate EVEN when it was me who escalated the issue .....thanks for all your help...and let me assure you I wont take this lying down..whatever..however...whoever -I have to talk to to right this injustice..I will.

Vince Myers

This just proves the lunacy of a process that acts on someones word without proof..IF they are a buyer...

In my view EBAY are like landlords,they take fees (rent) and % of the sale for allowing you to rent the shop (*the EBAY site..)-they earn the lions share from the sellers-its for good sellers to encourage the buyers..EBAY earn little off the buyer except paypal fees..(*which you are now forced to use on EVERY transaction)..

They should appreciate the sellers..because its the sellers that pay all the wages of the half wits sitting in customer support in Ireland in a hidden address dedicated to making life hard for said sellers..

It doesn`t make sense does it?

I believe in Pierre Omydars (*the founder of EBAY) vision of a transaction being fair to both buyer and seller..the ability of each party to leave feedback for a given transaction,the ability of both to view that feedback.

But this "golden era",this uniquety, that EBAY had- has been sacrificed for profit..I know many great-specialist sellers on EBAY who are no more,who were taken down by false comment,poor process and unfair seller assesment..

Its a shame..but could I recommend EBAY now?...resounding no..

Fortunately I dont depend on selling on EBAY for my living..thank god..for those that do-I feel sorry for them and fully understand why they are all abdicating to AMAZON.

EBAY is just doesn`t know it yet..will I shed a tear?...for what it once was..maybe,for what it is


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