Wednesday 16 October 2013


Dear Folks,

I have lamented over the years as an enthusiast,the reluctance of A.V.companies to painlessly upgrade their customers when the latest and greatest is released..

There are many from 10 years ago to 5 years ago who bought great systems and spent a lot of money on A.V. equipment and would love to upgrade certain elements but don`t know how to go about it or indeed what to change and what not to..

Well,Projectiondreams have the answer of course...we will do a FREE site survey,we shall tell you what doesnt need to be upgraded and what could be...we will give you the most cost effective way to make your system cutting edge again for the now...

We can offer great trade in prices,even sell your equipment for you to reduce diminishing returns..we have the online mechanisms and worldwide contacts as enthusiasts to easily bring your system to optimal again without huge losses...

Our advice on value of older kit will be always "on the money" with Blue book estimates..

We have a hidden agenda and that is EVERYONE has the best A.V. system they can possibly afford..and continue to do so throughout the years...

Wherever you originally bought your equipment we shall support you..even correct mistakes made by other companies..we are THX and ISF guys..we are fastidious about ensuring our customers have the greatest possible picture and make their system special..and with us-the special is standard...


Vincent Myers...M.D.

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