Saturday 2 November 2013


For most people, in the Algarve, the words ´Home Automation` automatically conjure up two responses:

1) Ridiculouly expensive
2) Unreliable

Bitter experience has led many devlopers & builders to shy away from ´Domotica´ in many new builds, only including it in the Home Cinema and possibly having an ´All closed´ button by the front door for the sutters and lights.

This is a shame, as a properly thought out and executed automation system can make life easy for the householder and add substantially to the saleability of a property.

Years ago, HA systems were exclusively supplied by companies that require intensive and expensive line-by-line programming, such as Crestron or by lmited off-the-shelf products such as Control 4.

Advances in technology

Time and technology has advanced markedly over those years and now you can have the best of both worlds with a Cinema 360 Automation system by Bitwise Controls.

As much of the processing for the system is done on the client´s iPad and Bitwise´s Project Editor software allows total flexibility of design we can install a modern automation system at a price that cannot be beaten.

Cinema 360 Home Automation solution - Local control with a network overview

By installing a single Bitwise controller in every zone nearly every electronic device can be controlled, be it through Infra-red, RS-232, IP, electronic relays etc.

These devices and their codes are added to custom-made pages programmed for each project.  The client simply presses the button for the action and Bitwise does the rest.

“If it can be controlled, Bitwise can control it and if Bitwise can control it, it can be added to your iPad or other mobile device”

***Using a customised Bitwise system, prices below are per zone, and will include in each zone a control tablet and Bitwise controller as standard.

All prices include iva and are for genuine A-stock products with the latest firmware.

Per Zone for control of the following....

1 circuit of lights* & ALL Audio Video..........1,250 Euros
* We would need to liaise with the electrician/lighting supplier to ensure compatibility

**Add on programming per item..(*for example, air con, electric shutters, temperature control, etc..)...150 Euros per item.

Example..For a 10 zone system in a home controlling all lights and a.v...cost is 12,000 Euos..50% of the cost of a less capable off the shelf system such as Control 4.

How are we able to do this so inexpensively?

Let´s make a comparison with the popular, but limited, Control 4 system.

The picture on left shows a relay used with Control 4 systems to open/close blinds, the relay on the left does exactly the same thing, it was bought from a local electrical supplier´s and it works perfectly with a Bitwise system.

One of these realys costs the client 280 Euros + iva, the other 25 Euros + iva, I´ll let you guess which is which........

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