Saturday 28 December 2013


Hello Folks,

With our new Cinema 360 seating we have set the bar for quality and fair price exceptionally high.

Poor cinema chairs can ruin a top notch what do you look for when choosing your Cinema seating?


 ON the left are Cinema 360 MOVIE CHAIRS..on the right are chairs not from Projectiondreams.

The difference even to the untrained eye is apparent..the chairs on the LEFT look far better eh?

Why is this?

We have our Cinema chairs built to the highest specifications using first the strongest frames and best german motors,then using the best leathers,the leather is carefully stretched and is a labour of love-for example our red chairs pictures above have silver accents from aluminium on the cup holders and recline plastic as with the other chairs..

Poor Cinema chairs come in three colours..creme,brown and black.....

OUR chairs can be any colour..any design..any features..whatever you want!..In fact-draw us a design you want and in 2 WEEKS you will have the seating of your dreams..or of course-you can  wait over 6 weeks for the chairs on the right to arrive on the slow boat from China..:-)

You will see from this pic how well the leather is attached in contrast with the pic on the right that has loose fitting leather..poor padding..and if you look at the bottom of the chairs unequal sight lines..

The chairs on the right are made in the far east and made cheaply and them up you will find a poor frame and a plethora of could easily lift one of these chairs on your own...

Our seating is built with a sturdy frame to last and needs two people to lift each chair..our chairs are white glove installed by the professionals that have built them..and installed onsite....

To us this is a HUGE deal,,,,,the seating or Entertainment 360 couches are an incredibly important element of a Cinema or Entertainment room and need to be given the same due care and attention as every other element of that Cinema/Entertainment area...

There are many..MANY.. companies charging top dollar for the kind of chairs seen on the right in the top picture-recently we have upgraded one customer that bought the kind of chairs on the right and paid over 2,000 Euros per seat...30% more expensive than our Movie seating using the above example....

We care not a jot about other A.V. companies in the Algarve..but you- the customer should apprise yourself of these kind of differences-seldom observed until after the install...

You are welcome to come and see our cinema seating in our showrooms..then go and see whatever else..wherever like..

We KNOW you will come back to us..:-)...;lastly..consider this,,IF there is such a vast improvement in quality with our cinema chairs over others..what does that tell you about everything else we do?..because it isn`t such a great leap of faith to believe we are superior in every other dept..and we can prove that as well..

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