Friday 24 January 2014


Dear Folks,

B & W,Kaliedascape,Runco,Denon,Bose,Rotel..familiar names in Europe eh?

Many dealers sell these products..why is that..they must be the best eh?


Runco is an exception and when Sam Runco was involved made great projectors-if somewhat over priced..:-)

The other brands in my opinion have always been over priced or why have so many sold them in the past?

Simple answer..most of these products have been stocked by distributors for the simple reason of great margins offered and much money to be made from install sales.

Runco for example never publicised their prices so that way the customer paid ludicrous amounts on install..

In Portugal,most of the A.V. sellers sourced from the same distributor..frankly..absolute laziness and average product knowledge determined that these dealers HAD to rely on the distributors knowledge.

At Projectiondreams we don`t follow the "pack"-we determine through knowledge the best products to sell..we rely on NOBODY else but our own R & D..

We don`t believe in not publicising our prices-like most of the "competition"..we don`t believe in inflating prices on items that are to be "installed"..the prices we charge our customers are the same whether you buy from our showroom,our web sites (*where you can see ALL our prices )-or for install..

This is the way I have always believed it should be for many years and now we have the chance to make things better..:-)

At Projectiondreams we can show three things with our product selection..validation within the industry and proof within our showrooms..great setup as a de facto standard elevates us further...

We promise to our customers that our end results will absolutely thrash ANY other competition..our customers own eyes and ears will be the proof-and we don`t stop there..our Cinema Installs are recognized as top tier within Europe now,we are recognized as one of-if not the most qualified install company in Europe where we have numerous industry firsts stretching back over 15 years..

We are proud of this,we are proud of our solutions and uniquety ..we are proud we love this game enough to strive to be the recognized as the best in the world..for us its accolade that counts,the thrill of creating something cutting edge and aesthetically stunning!

We are proud to not be monetary-because IF we were,we would be selling the same products as everyone else and making more money than we do..but we will not compromise our integrity in that which we believe in..we will not sell the high margin but mediocre lemons we don`t believe in ..

This will never Projectiondreams we have the confidence born from experience,the confidence to know that our customers eyes and ears dont lie..

We put OUR money where our mouth is..come to our showrooms-where the special is standard..:-)..

For the connoisseur who wants the best possible ensemble of setup equipment contained within a unique aesthetic-for the fairest price imaginable...we are here for you..

For the person with more money than sense that just thinks because its more expensive it must be better..we are here to show you the real truth and promise you that afterwards you will realise the "rip offs" that have been prevalent before..

At Projectiondreams a customer is a much money they have is irrelevant..we will propose the best solution for their space with options that truly & incrementally-gain them improvement.

THE most key thing is knowledge..knowledge of what works best with what etc..allows us to provide the RIGHT solutions for our customers..

Our products are the icing on the cake-especially in a Cinema/Entertainment room that has been designed from the word go to take account of bettering industry standards..

Rules are made to be broken..Michelangelo didn`t paint by Projectiondreams we dont "paint by numbers" use an analogy,we rely on our own mixture of special paint..our own special brushes..and our own special painters...:-).

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