Monday 24 February 2014


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Due to the loss of the main BBC and ITV channels-there are numerous "solutions" being suggested,

Let me briefly detail the better ones with Pros and Cons..with the caveat-there is no FREE lunch for the better solutions and professional services provided will carry a small service charge in some instances.

FILMON Apps-A little unreliable,regularly buffers and numerous clicks to watch a channel-but fine if you only watch on a laptop and of course free in low quality-you have to pay a subscription for better quality-nevertheless an option..Projectiondreams have long been Filmon affiliates..

SATELITTE.Pointing your dish at another satellite-A decent solution BUT needs regular encryption code changes and requires that you be without channels for a few days whilst new codes are obtained**in the past the Satellite in question changed codes every 5/6mths-though there is talk of more frequent changes and a move to the Powervu encryption system which is almost unhackable.*Ref;-Sky Madrid..Projectiondreams have elected not to offer this solution at this moment in time. 

ANDROID boxes which work on links provided by numerous sources on the internet-viewing can be incredibly pedantic trying to find files that work.A lot of Android boxes are sold online-most are cheap cloned chinese boxes with poor Firmware..Having said this,we trialled the BEST Android box out there 6mths ago- the G BOX MX2 and frankly we deemed not of good enough quality or reliable enough to continue selling.There are a few XBMC/ANDROID boxes appearing now but they still depend primarily on links-links are fine for programs like Navi X & Mashup-a choice of free Movies,old series,some t.v. to watch,but the links on Live T.V. are appalling,unreliable and generally have an awful picture quality.Navi X for example is great and a free Add On and oft has HD files (*as does Mashup)-of course your internet must be wonderful-at least 9Mbps for HD.
We sell the Prism Cube Ruby XBMC Linux Sat box-Linux is a far better and more reliable platform for XBMC than Android-Fantastic Box!..

NB**XBMC is more an enthusiast platform and depends on certain repositories being downloaded,favourites being set up,correct skins being loaded and currently working links & so on,but its great fun as long as you don`t want regular quality Live T.V. and accept that it`s not a reliable platform-but it`s a FREE program if you want to experiment.

These have been around for some time now,normally under 70 Euros,they allow you to get Apps onto a non Smart t.v.,of course if you want Netflix,BBC I player need a good VPN account which normally costs about 10 Euros per month but eats up more Mbps,you also need a decent router..the thing is with this solution is you dont have the t.v. channels easily to hand in one place like Sat or IPTV,it requires numerous navigating between Apps to find what you want to watch-pic quality is again determined by streaming quality and bandwidth..


There are numerous IPTV boxes available,a lot don`t work with internets below 4Mbps,alot are touted by "one man bands" with their own server and no legitimate company or limited support-what a lot of these folks do is charge a higher price for the box and "assimilate" their service cost in the price of the box-but in nearly ALL instances there is no reputable company providing the service.**A rule of thumb here is IF they cannot provide you a genuine Invoice with company number-don`t touch them with a bargepole.

We DO offer IPTV though-with a specially custom box, because its what we have established as the MOST reliable and easy to use system with NO down time as long as your internet with our solution is above 1-1.5Mbps..

We offer the Mag 254 platform- currently rated as the most reliable IPTV performer out there and quite a few companies offer this box now..but be careful,not all Mag 254`s are created equal,their performance depends on the "Image"(*Firmware) that is loaded on -this is crucial..and it also depends on the service provider-we use a professional company that supplies one of the largest Internet/IPTV companies in Spain that offers us 24hr support and regular firmware updates.This service is translated into our customers at approximately 65 cents per day..a small price to pay for peace of mind in knowing you are supported by a reputable company with professional partners..

Our Cinema 360 Mag 254 has 14 days catchup t.v. and a 7 day well as bandwidth optimisation and remote trouble shooting.**We can reboot a box remotely for example.

We have both the Mag 254 and the step up..Ultimate on demo in our showrooms for folks who want to view these solutions-and we advise whatever solution you go for-view first,if a seller is not able to demo or does not have a showroom for your to return to IF there was an issue-you take a risk

At Projectiondreams we support our customers and consider great service EVERYTHING-we have pledged to all of our customers to offer cost effective upgrades when something better comes along-and it will-in Audio Video things are evolving all the time..We are at the dawn of a new era where ones network and quality of ISP service will be crucial to the services you are able to receive-IPTV is the delivery system of the future and your internal framework and provision of service must be able to accomodate future advancements-at Projectiondreams we can help our customers by assisting them in their choice of ISP and optimising their network accordingly-and this is not to be over looked-its key to ensuring synergy with whatever viewing choices you make.


1.MEO package of t.v./internet and phone-below 41 Euros per month...12Mbps Guaranteed.
**Decent solution to have supplemented by a MAG 250 IPTV box.

2.4G Vodaphone wi fi router,3 different services 20Mbps,40Mbps and 100Mbps.Cost of router is just under 50 Euros and cost for 20Mbps (*more than enough) is just under 25 Euros per month.

Devolo.Constact us if you want your Wi Fi coverage increased.

We have three Network specialists onboard who can optimise your current router,replace if necessary,setup for Overplay accounts etc..even have networks within networks or just re do your ethernet wiring.

Any questions,please Email us on;

Below videos of the MAG 250 taken in our showrooms..

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