Tuesday 4 February 2014


Hello Folks!!

..Is the look on a customers face when he sees a fantastic picture and great audio!..

This is what seperates us from the rank and file..our passion for what we do..at Projectiondreams before we ever ventured into the realms of Cinema we were huge Movie & Hi Fi enthusiasts-always striving for the best setup we could afford..

In the 70`s Vincent Myers our M.D. had 8mm/16mm setups and was heavily into Hi Fi...since that time he has pushed the boundaries of whats possible -always receptive to new ideas within the industry...he has always loved that which he does..

His passion permeates Projectiondreams with a like minded team ready for any challenge-of course Vincent is king in video calibration in Europe and has been at the top of the respect tree for many years..Vincent says this...

" There are a few terrific companies worldwide that can create a great aesthetic Cinema..there are a few with terrific calibration and acoustic skills -there are a few with terrific product knowledge-there are a very,VERY few with all these skillsets.At Projectiondreams we have the all round knowledge gained through many years involved in all aspects of the A.V. industry..from commercial CRT projector setup..to ARRI 35mm experience..from selling..designing...installing..Acoustics..you name it..-this is I believe, what seperates us from 99% of the other A.V. companies in the world.
But besides all this we have the passion to continue to push the boundaries of whats possible and continue to strive for uniquety.

Personally,I love every facet of the business but my "greatest" love is Video setup..of all the things within a Cinema/Entertainment Room..or just a t.v. setup..I consider this the most important..the visual...a great picture should be the norm for a customer-for me as a kid this was the element that gave me the biggest thrill-that really transported me to another place.

THIS,,is what I want my company to deliver always.."The Biggest Thrill"...an image that folks love to look at.
I have seen so many video images over the years that have been poorly setup-and by so called decent companies or "calibrators",I have assisted so many customers that have had a setup from someone else and not been happy-I have read setup "tips" from folks in forums that I know couldn`t setup an alarm clock-or have only setup a handful of displays in their life..I have heard so many customers lament the fee they were charged for "calibration"...In the Algarve I have seen older setups where clients were charged through the nose to wind up with projectors not even focused correctly.

In short,its been heart breaking..an utter disgrace..

I have listened to clients say//"Oh..I dont use my Cinema much"...my god...

This is the complete opposite of a Projectiondreams Cinema where folks have trouble staying out of it..:-)

Satisfaction for the customer is everything-but i`ll be honest professional satisfaction for me is even more..I will spend the time on that image thats necessary to get the greatest picture humanely possible..

How much do I charge for this?...nothing..its FREE..its a service given for free when I sell a display..I used to command high fees as a calibrator around the world-and for displays not purchased from me-I still do..But for ANY display I sell..I setup for free..."

I think that gives a taste of the passion..one U.K.customer-over 15 years ago said this in a forum:-(*abridged)

"I had a very well known "calibrator" come round and spend all day setting up and converging my CRT projector.Afterwards he performed a video calibration using laptops,colorimeters etc.

Afterwards and £350 lighter I was incredibly unhappy.

The geometry was skewed,focus seemed blurred,the greyscale was incorrect and subsequently the colours way off.
My projector is a Nec XG135LC.

I called around and the general consensus was that I should give Vince at Projectiondreams a call.

I phoned and spoke to Vince who was engaged in a project and couldn`t immediately come round.
My voice must have given away my frustration so Vince proceeded to ask me what I was seeing-to read out settings and so on.

Within 20 minutes of over the phone assistance my projector image had vastly improved!

Afterwards,Vince sent me a detailed email with parameters to change..what to do..what not to and so forth.
All in all I had spent a total of one hour restoring my projector to a great image which frankly I was over the moon with but there was more to come when Vince popped round and tweaked further in-and I timed him-35minutes.

The results were stunning-and I have seen many projector setups,including a G90 setup by William Phelps.
My Nec has a better image and that should not be the case as the G90 is the accepted better projector!"

In anybodys list in the A.V community,Vince would be in the top 5 Video men in the world-the accepted number one is William Phelps so draw your own conclusions with the above example..:-)`

So be assured,when we talk Video and great images you know your getting value for money and everybody would prefer Michealangelo to paint their house as opposed to a house painter if the price was the same..:-)

Just one very important facet of what makes Projectiondreams special-to be assured of getting "The Biggest Thrill"..a magnificent image.:-)

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