Friday 18 July 2014


Projectiondreams have a NEW Division! Network 360!

We have realized the growing importance of Network infra structure in new builds now and indeed the addition of a capable Network system for retro fit..not only now but in the future the capability of a system will depend on bandwidth to a great extent and the calculation of devices to be used equitable to bandwidth requirement is critical. Our Network division starts with some incredibly talented individuals with great PT Network and telecommunications knowledge and affiliations,server rack specialisation and Wi Fi internal Network expertise. With all requisite industry qualifications the appropriate Network System can be specified for our clients.

Of course this division will also have the necessary training with Projectiondreams solutions for Multi room/HD based T/IPTV/Bitwise etc..

This is the FIRST TIME in Portugal that such skillsets have been under one roof..Watch out for some great and innovative things in the future from this division!

Does your Rack/wiring system look like this....? 

When it should look like this....

Call us and let us apply our expertise into the other areas/setups that probably have the same "scruffy" ethos..

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