Tuesday 25 November 2014


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For the last 13 years,Blu Ray discs have carried not only Audio & Video but Motion code..

Pioneered by a Canadian company called D-BOX, the technology is leading edge, yet simple. After sound and image, D-BOX is the natural evolution of cinema. 

Much like a movie soundtrack, motion effects or MFX are created frame-by-frame by Motion Designers in a California Studio creating the unique patented D-BOX Motion Code.

The signal is then sent to actuators, that act like little robots under your seat. Unlike theme park rides, D-BOX is smooth and blends perfectly with the sound and image to make your cinematic experience complete. Its motion is multilevel; it can whisk you as if you were speeding in a car chase or wipe you off gently as if you were by the ocean side.

The result is an unmatched immersive experience: you will feel as if you are part of the onscreen action.

In the past though the D-BOX processor was an almost standalone system and indeed limited in compatability with certain multi channel formats -meaning a choice needed to be made in some instances..you had D-BOX and 5.1 channels..or you didn`t have D-BOX and had 7 or 9 audio channels.. but you couldn`t have both..

This made it a choice and not the de facto part of the experience it should always have been..

NOW..with the advent of the new D-BOX HEMC motion processor that`s all about to change!
This processor works with EVERYTHING,now you can...

  1. Watch any D-BOX motion encoded movie via any platform or technology, including video streaming.
  2. D-BOX technology instantly recognizes and syncs with any D-BOX motion encoded film.
  3. Via the app, view the full, up-to-date list of more than 1,300 films encoded with D-BOX motion.
  4. Via the app, customize the D-BOX motion experience for each seat in your home theater.
..And it`s scary,for 13 years and over 1,300 Blu Rays, that motion code has been waiting for this day when finally the home experience can match the greatest commercial D BOX Cinemas around the world..

The recipe for perfection is complete now at Projectiondreams..:-)....

Cinema 360 synergy + ISF calibrated picture + Dolby Atmos + THX speakers + 2.35.1 Curved screen + D-BOX...

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