Wednesday 3 December 2014


Dear Folks,
We now have a new feature on the box called SERVICE STATUS at the main menu-you may have to reboot your box to get it..but what it does when you go into it is allow you to run a speedtest from the box to the server and it tells you the REALITY of what speed you are getting to the device..this is incredibly useful in assessing your ISPs service and IF you have a poor internet then within the box there are help screens and the ability to open a SERVICE TICKET...This will then allow our service provider to optimise your settings-it cannot cure a poor amount of bandwidth you may be getting from your ISP but it will certainly allow us to make thing`s a little better or indeed have evidence for a case agains`t a poor ISP service..
We are the ONLY company in Portugal with this feature on our IPTV box`s..we think such a thing is critical and we have listened to our customers feedback for such a feature.

In this new era of streaming there are three very important questions one should ask before purchasing ANY streaming device...for example..

(1) Where are your servers located? 

(2) Do you have the ability to alter buffer speed in the event of reduced ISP bandwidth? ..and 

(3) Can we see the box on demo..?...

THE most important thing to remember is when you do a speedtest..its useless to do a speedtest to Lisbon if your service is coming from Germany..or the U.K...For example in www.speedtest,net in SETTINGS you can set your preferred server..a useful rule of thumb is that the bandwidth you will get from the U.,K. for example will normally be about 35% of what you get from IF your are getting 12Mbps from a speedtest to Lisbon you are getting 4Mbps from London..

 Another VERY important thing to consider with IPTV is WHEREVER you have bought that box you can switch your provision to another company should you require-it is your right IF you are not happy with the service..for example we are getting a lot of switchovers from the Sao Bras area at the moment-where people were not happy with the service they were getting..we have also just picked up a customer that was told no subscription was necessary-bought 80 odd box`s for a fixed charge..and you can guess what happened..ALL the box`s have now gone off and the "seller" has vanished..


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