Thursday 4 June 2015


Hello Folks,

It`s official,over priced Home Automation systems are dead in the water compared to Bitwise..!

Projectiondreams were asked to fit a total Home Automation solution for a large private villa. The brief was NO wires,NO broken plaster or disruptive building works.

The time frame was 4 weeks...

The result...?

Read this...

Projectiondreams Bitwise specialist..Alistair Bourne,has 6 years experience of writing custom programs..some of the things that we can do ..How about your coat of arms on the front page?..A custom Image maybe..all simple for Projectiondreams..and because we don`t have to pay external programming costs etc..because it`s all in`s cost effective..designed for the IPAD age ..

Bitwise is one of the range of Automation products from Leviton-a huge U.S. company that majors in complete home solutions.

Leviton were responsible for the HAI Controlller-the largest selling Home Automation product in U.S. history...

Future living has truly become simple..

Whether Private owner,Developer or builder,

Contact Alistair on . 917 563665  to discuss how we can take the complexity out of your Home Automation scenario and replace it with simplicity!

Best Regards,
Vincent Myers M.D.

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