Saturday 6 June 2015


Hello Folks,

There are TRUE Interior designers in the Algaqrve and there are glorified decorators that sell/place over priced furniture.

I call these folks...Inferior Designers..invariably, complete snobbery replaces any true ability coupled with a mentality that cares little for true synergy.

Rather, they exist to extract as much money as possible from the client whilst using other professionals to gain their glory..of course completely ignoring these folks contributions in testimonials.

In fact,let me tell you how traditionally some Inferior Designers have worked with Technology companies for example...the Inferior Designer has asked the technology company for an equipment list..they have then either extracted kick backs or inflated the final price of that technology to the client...the client hasn`t got the best bang for buck,rather the technology company that "plays the game"..-

Invariably these are more desperate companies who care not a jot- as anything is better than nothing....They are mediocrities as well..that exist to do the Inferior Designers bidding...This is the ONLY way they can survive because they are not competent enough to compete fairly with real professional A.V. companies like Projectiondreams..The use of such companies,has resulted in poor spaces where the technological proficiency has been neglected in favour of aesthetic..Indeed such Inferior Designers further spoil the space because of their imbalanced approach and lack of knowledge on Acoustics and Light...

I have seen numerous examples of this from mediocrities whereby the Technology company is expected to "defer" to the Interior Designer in a space they know little about.. 

Projectiondreams will not work with such people,we defer to no one..we will not "throw" equipment into a lesser designed space than we can achieve on our own..

I believe in specialization,I believe in collaboration..I don`t believe in an unequal approach where design and technology is desired...Projectiondreams have forgotten more about Cinema and Entertainment room design than all these mediocrities put together..Emanuel Gomes for example is a rarity,a TRUE Interior Designer that adds to the party,who understands that not one component should over shadow another..who believes in equality and whose views are never biased..and someone that on a whole house project would leave the Cinema or Entertainment space in it`s entirety to Projectiondreams  because he knows in those areas WE can create better than any Interior Designer..

Having said this,we would collaborate on fabrics and materials to ensure the look of the Cinema for example was in keeping with the rest of the house..democracy of design and total synergy to produce the best for the customer..

Projectiondreams have no hesitation in working with Emanuel -(or other quality Interior Designers) on whole house projects because he approaches whole house design like Projectiondreams approach a Cinema or Entertainment space..he puts everything into it..he wants to do great work only..and I strongly recommend.."".. 

At Projectiondreams we shall only work with the best-we shall not prostitute ourselves to mediocrities just for the sake of the dollar...we should ALL want these mediocrities and their "corrupt" ways of working the quality of work Projectiondreams accomplish with TRUE Interior Design professionals I hope to assist this process of departure..

Nevertheless,any discerning customer who requires a recommendation towards a TRUE professional in the field of Interior design-feel free to ask me.. 

Vincent Myers M.D.

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