Friday 9 February 2018


We constantly hear such expressions as Downturn and recession to explain lack of business,but recently I had an excellent conversation with a top property seller in the Algarve…and he said this to me..
..**..These are excuses as to why your not selling,a cop out..sure,there may indeed be less money in some pockets but that’s not a reason to sit idly by,it’s a reason to try harder,be more focused in your strategy,find the tailored solution that makes a tougher choice easier.**
During this conversation,we spoke a lot of *Uniquety*..what will make one  property stand out and be an easy purchase?
..Well Im biased here,in the old days it was..**lets have lots of bedrooms** its why?..ANY property should have the things that make you want to live there,it should be tailored for you..a swimming pool is a de facto norm of course,interior designed rooms are also are landscaped gardens…
..Yet,what is not commonly known is the fact that NONE of these things add significant value to the home,they are desirable not essential..
So what adds value to that home>?  Simple…MORE space…and better utilised space..
This is precisely why the top developers are thinking less of amounts of bedrooms and more of loading that property with every *toy* at their disposal including,saunas,Jacuzzis,gyms,entertainment rooms,Custom Cinemas,Home Automation,Multi room A.V. ..even bowling alleys…and they are absolutely, on…..
Indeed,at the current time the most value you can add to your prestige property is a custom cinema/entertainment room into a basement or unused space..One client Im dealing with is adding some 170 sq metres to his home by populating with a gym and custom cinema,coms room,golf simulator,pool name it….
The estimate of added value to the property against cost is a minimum of plus 15%...which is awesome….or the things you love haven’t really cost a copper,indeed they have just made your house worth more…
Precisely why we are so busy…people in Europe are waking up to what the yanks have known for years..a lifestyle on show sells a property.
So.your sitting in that real estators..bemoaning the *downturn*?..Look at the propertys for sale..why are they staganant?...its not the price because that’s been reduced 4 times already….could it…could it,be the mere fact it doesn’t have enough to offer the 21st century  buyer?
Food for thought eh?



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