Saturday 14 April 2018


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For over 40 years the REAL cinema products have proven themselves..and there is a track record...a pedigree........

TRUE Cinema affecionados know what these products are..know how to blend the best to create the best Aural and Visual experience for their clients.

Do not think its all about price-do not think IF you are considering Cinema products that the cheaper quote will still give you as great a custom Cinema as the more expensive one..

There has always traditionally been a price point where TRUE Custom Cinema begins..that still holds true for the upper echelons of sound & vision but with technology advancing so fast think of creating an Audio Visual experience like baking a cake...if the cake tastes nice it could be a large apple pie or a doesn`t matter..horses for courses..

Different companies have different standards-espouse different products-so how do you know what to buy?..Often it comes down to the skill of thats sales person as to whether or not you purchase..

..And it shouldn`t...

It should be decided by the demo..

If a company cannot show you in its entirety that which they espouse..head for the hills...

Knowledge is EVERYTHING when assembling equipment..ALL Projectiondreams equipment has REAL Cinema pedigree that cannot be argued against..all is designed/assembled to be synergetic with each other..

Most are THX approved products..

This is not our "opinion"..this is espousal based on facts..TRUE pedigree..

For example,we sell Sony professional projectors and our M.D. calibrated the first European 4k demonstrators for trade shows.

*Our M.D. is recognized as one of the best video setup men in the world with 20 plus years in setup/calibration.

In most top commercial cinemas you have DCI Sony projectors.

In most top mixing studios you have M & K SOUND speakers (used by George Lucas when mixing the Star Wars films.)-THX approved of course.

Projectiondreams have an onboard sound professional-THX qualified under John Dahl.(THX) 10 years ago..

There are no other two Video and audio qualified personnel as proficient as the above in all of Europe-let alone Portugal.

Yes there are other companies-some embryonic,some without qualified personnel at all,some with "hastily" qualifed personnel-all i`m sure with the best of intentions.

BUT..they don`t have the pedigree or background of Projectiondreams-thats`s a statement of fact.

This is why Projectiondreams are the busiest custom cinema company in Portugal now-have the largest portfolio of work and numerous industry firsts..

Here`s a few.....

1. Ist company in Europe to modify and custom U.S. crt projectors

2. Ist company in Europe to sell 2.35.1 aspect systems with anamorphic len`s.

3..Creators of the Cinema Pedigree concept.

4...First company in Portugal to do a themed Cinema-the Stargate.

5..First company in Portugal to do a fully circular Cinema-the Matrix.

6..Co developed Zero edge screens with Screen Excellence.

7...First company in Portugal to sell and implement 2.40.1 Image masking screen with Sony laser projector.

8.Only custom install company in Europe who self manufacture cinema seating.

9..Only custom install company in Europe approved to sell D BOX with their Cinema seating.

10..ONLY company in Europe with a true understanding of 70mm and 35mm projection from ARRI experience.(*ARRI Cameras have been used directly-or rebadged by Panavision-on ALL major Hollywood movies of the alst 50 years.).

So..having read this..doesn`t it make sense to get your custom cinema from folks who understand the setup and have the experience?....That give you a TRUE Cinema experience with the correct setup?

..Or would you risk your hard earnt cash with someone who hasn`t any of the above..sure they may be up and 30 years they may be as experienced..fine...wait 30 years..or..come to Projectiondreams now..thats the real..and ONLY choice..

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