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As we move further into the digital age, convenience has overtaken quality as the driver for much of today's technology.

Just because it is possible to stream a feature film onto an iPad, it is worth asking the question: "is this really how I want to watch it?"

Can you imagine the scene in "Lawrence of Arabia" where Omar Sharif appears from the desert having the same impact on a 7" screen as it does on a 40 foot widecommercial Cinema screen?  Of course not - just because it is convenient it doesn't mean it is better.

Or would the helicopter charge to "Flight of the Valkyrie's" in "Apocalypse Now" have the same aural impact coming from thin TV speakers as an immersive 16 channel Dolby Atmos system?

Whilst these are extreme examples they are based on a fundamental truth: "Compressing video and audio to make it easy to stream, massively affects the user experience."

This is why streaming films are a compromise and never allow a well designed, professionally installedHome Cinema setup to perform to the best of its ability.

What is the alternative?  Buy a Blu-Ray of the movie that you want to watch and have the "full-fat" uncompressed video and audio experience?

However, actually going out and buying the physical disc, then trawling through adverts and copyright warnings is very 1990´s and takes the edge off the whole experience in 2019. With the technology that we have, can we do better?

Yes, we can - through Projection Dreams

Kaleidescape is the ONLY residential movie server system backed by the majority of Hollywood studios. It comprises media players that can play uncompressed films with 4K, 60 frames per second, HD10 video and lossless Doby Atmos and DTS:X audio. Sorry to get technical but what does this actually mean?  It means you are getting the same quality that is used incommercial Cinemas. It doesn't get any better - there is no compromise!

How does it work?

You purchase Strato movie players for all the rooms that you want to watch movies in. These can be spread throughout different locations in the world and if you want a large movie collection, you purchase Terra Movie servers to store the movies. The movies are then purchased from a Movie store and downloaded onto your server or player. Notice we said 'downloaded' not 'streamed', this is why the user experience is so good, there is no compression.

The Kaleidescape user experience is unmatched by any other system, it has a graphical interface that is so intuitive and easy to use many have tried to copy it without success.   Your film collection is presented as icons on a screen and you can even browse through films that are linked by subject, actor, interest, age group etc.

What does it cost?

The equipment starts at under 5,000 euros and the movies are roughly the same price as buying the Blu-ray disc. You only need to buy the film once from the Movie store and it is available on every Kaleidescape system that you have around the world. This stops you needing to duplicate your movie collection for holiday homes.

There are over ten thousand feature films, TV seasons, concerts, and documentaries, from all the major motion picture studios and the most creative independents.

Below are prices:-

K0509-1006 - Strato S 4K Ultra HD Movie Player - 6TB
RRP: 4,945.00 euros Inc. IVA

K0509-1012 - Strato S 4K Ultra HD Movie Player - 12TB
RRP: 7,695.00 euros Inc. IVA

K0217-0000 - Strato C 4K Ultra HD Movie Player
RRP: 3,845.00 euros Inc. IVA

K0108-0024 - Terra Movie Server - 24TB
RRP: 8,795.00 euros Inc. IVA

K0108-0040 - Terra Movie Server - 40TB
RRP: 14,295.00 euros Inc. IVA

K8010-0201 - Co-Star HDMI Switch Kit (Includes Co-Star HDMI switch, 2 HDMI cables, and Co-Star Software License)
RRP: 545.00 euros Inc. IVA

KREMOTE-20 - Remote (Backlit IR remote control for all players)
RRP: 59.00 euros Inc. IVA

For more information about music systems, audio / video options, home cinemas and much more, contactProjection Dreams - Portugal's leading audio / video company on (+351) 289 040 403 or email

With experience centres in Almancil, Praia da Luz, Tavira and Carvoeiro (opening March 1), there is a place to hear, touch and feel near you.

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