Thursday 31 January 2019



Never before has the economic climate seemed so "tricky"..many business`s collapse under the weight of continued taxation and charges.

One is penalized heavily financially for being legitimate it seems

Folks can be forgiven for not wanting to negotiate all the red tape and scrutiny that a visible business brings with it.

But,that is the law of the land and the price one must pay IF they want to create a business and build a reputation.

What of course drives these taxes and charges up is the fact that the legal must pay for the illegal...

And the reality?... Were there no illegal traders maybe the tax situation would improve..

Nevertheless,every day i see people selling electronic goods forums..mostly cheaper....and of course they can be cheaper..they have no premises to tax or IVA to warranty to offer.....

These illegal traders all but killed the economy in Spain now seek to do so in Portugal...

These trades should not be supported by any rational person that wants support..or indeed any possibility of recourse in the event of an issue..

A Factura (invoice) is YOUR protection-someone that cannot give you one-cannot give you the protection you need.

Projectiondreams have traded for almost 20 years now..almost 10 years in Portugal..our prices all match or fall below RRPs..we are distributors for many major brands ..we provide Facturas..we provide FULL warranties...You have two weeks buying grace from any purchase to change your mind ..We can provide many can see or in some instances trial the goods...

No,we do not profess to be the cheapest..thats the illegal traders domain..but they cannot offer what we

So to ALL folks coming to the is a great source of TRUSTED traders..Projectiondreams are proud to be included..

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