Thursday 17 January 2013


Hello Folks,

For many years now Home Automation/Domotica/Intelligent Home hasn`t had the greatest reputation..why is that?

Because HA (Home Automation) was always sold on complexity and on the possibilities of what the system could do- as opposed to what the clients needs actually were..

This resulted in over engineered,over programmed and over costed solutions..

In addition,the simplest changes resulted in more programming charges..and the programming charges were ridiculous...

Add into the mix the fact that few in Europe had the expertise to install and support such systems-this resulted in a poor overall perception of Home Automation..and in short it never took off as it should have..

The most known Home Automation solutions were Crestron and AMX..both American solutions..Both HA packages were meant for huge U.S. homes or indeed-as with AMX,super yaughts..

They were never really meant for smaller type projects...

Indeed,it wasn`t so long ago that with Crestron for example,if one part of the Crestron install failed ..the whole thing failed...

Recently,there have been more simplified *off the shelf* solutions like Control 4,which due to the ease in which you can install and learn,have become more popular..(*the downside is the GUI is not customisable)

Nevertheless,HA still isnt being sold as a simplified system..which it should be..the customers needs are not in a lot of instances being met..for example the first question I ask a customer is.."What would you like to control"?

Then at Projectiondreams we tailor a solution accordingly..often on smaller installs,we completely customise a solution,writing our own code within programs like Bitwise and Homeseer for example,even designing our own icons or operating system.

Recently,our customised solutions have become incredibly popular with clients who want Ipad or Google Tablets throughout to make huge savings on *off the shelf* HA packages..this i believe is the future.simple..custom..cost effective....

Our latest HA project..a complete house..

In the old days..before Ipad,you wanted a whizzy looking would have cost you 3k plus from the likes of Crestron et that same functionality with a bit of custom programming is available for a 10th of that cost..and I think thats great for the customer..:-)



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