Saturday 5 January 2013


Dear Folks,

Well..Projectiondreams are yet again first with another uniquety..and this time its a biggie!

EVERY piece of equipment sold by Projectiondreams will have the option of a Track and Trace service..this has been agreed with the distributors/manufacturers on certain kit, to ensure that in the event of a theft,your item can be swiftly located and recovered.

We are talking to insurers who will lower contents premiums because of this system-as well as local police forces who will co operate with tracking information provided by projectiondreams in the event of a robbery.

Any Projectiondreams customer that opts for this low cost service is provided with an outside plaque for their property that states TRACK AND TRACE SYSTEM INSTALLED.

This is a HUGE deterrent to thieves who are immediately alerted to the fact that any valuable items they may take would be traceable.

The Track and Trace system includes monitoring of your equipment..even if is is moved 1 metre..we will know and be alerted by SMS...the equipment will be checked daily.

This system is not only appropriate to equipment sourced from Projectiondreams,but can be retro fitted to your existing equipment-including expensive kitchen appliances etc..***

***In situations where the manufacturer has not given authorisation for additional devices,the client will need to sign an agreement of permission..this is though acedemical as the inclusion of track and trace does not interfere or interup the normal functioning of the equipment in any way..and as such not invalidate manufacturer warranty.

In these days where the targetting of the affluent and their possesions for robbery is rife,the security of knowing your goods may be stolen (*though it would be an incredibly stupid thief that steals traceable items that could lead to his/her arrest)..but not for long, is a huge "peace of mind" plus..

Certainly TRACK AND TRACE compared to nothing is an instant benefit..and is indeed the best deterrent..even better than security cameras and alarms.(which on their own,a lot of thieves ignore..)..added to security cameras and alarms its a comprehensive protection structure..:-)

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