Thursday 31 January 2013


"Wouldn`t it be great IF finally in the Algarve A.V. community there was a qualified company that offered wonderful customer service,a superb blend of products,a cost effective upgrade path for older systems?

How about a company with their own in house Home Automation solution that provided a fair priced simple system that could be supported locally?

Or a company that swapped out any equipment within 48hrs and didnt make the customer wait for the repair?

What about a company that was at the same all round level as the very best in the world-and affiliated with such..a company that could provide any audio visual environment your heart it an entertainment class THX cinema..designed and created by THX professionals- with video setup by ISF qualified folks?.....What about a fantastic outdoor cinema/..or a themed cinema? Or a company that married the operation of security,satellite,multi room audio and video onto an IPAD for you..customised how you want?

Wouldn`t it be great to know that a company sold the products that they believed in not just the ones with the highest margin some common distributor had recommended ?

Wouldnt it be great if the greatest Audio Video Showrooms in Portugal were on your doorstep and you could actually see these wonderful cinemas and products..and have them demoed to you by top flight professionals with more than 40 years experience in the Audio Video market..the same professionals that have worked with the movie studios,worked for movie companies and created music studios,screening rooms and top flight cinemas throughout Europe?"

There is such a company...its us..Projectiondreams...

Come and visit us at Almancil


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