Thursday 28 February 2013


Hello Folks!

For many years now,Home Automation or Intelligent Home- as its also known, has been complicated,problematic and costly,more annoyingly the *off the shelf* package HA systems like AMX,CRESTRON and lately the cheaper variant.CONTROL 4 all require *locked down* projects scenarios..

This means that the company that installs said system registers the project -normally the programmer- & gives the client a password and sign on..BUT..its then incredibly difficult for that client to change/upgrade UNLESS they go back to the original company that installed..

..In short,its made purposely complicated to ensure the client goes back to the original company and pays through the nose for every change.. god help the client if he/she decided to go with another company,that other company without the original sign on details have things somewhat tougher..resulting in a bit of a mess for that client..

Over the last 3 years we have corrected and simplified many such situations where in some cases the original installing company has *gone to the wall*..or just vanished..and left the customer in a right mess...

The current vogue has been CONTROL CONTROL 4 isnt too bad,but its still a *locked down system* and only embraced by many in the Algarve because its supplied by one distributor who makes great margins on it and promises to assist the dealers with any *issues* this distributor rushes them through very basic training and charges for the priviledge of course..their aim being that EVERYONE offers CONTROL 4...soon i expect to see it in the butchers..:-)

This mentality enfuriates me because a little knowledge is a dangerous thing in the Home Automation industry-and the distributor doesnt care ,they will willingly perpetuate mediocrity as long as they earn out of it...and this isnt fair on the guys that are indoctrinated that its the best thing since sliced bread..

The truth? isnt..none of these off the shelf packages are,in this era of IPAD they are over priced and over complicated..they are relics of an age where there were no alternatives..when programming was 1500 euros per day...

These days are almost gone..thank god...and Projectiondreams have been developing and refining a completely custom system for over 3 years using a mixture of todays technologies and the latest U.S.applications.....

We have an incredibly simple system now..and 50% of the cost of an equivalent Control 4 setup for example with not only as much functionality,but the ability to tailor uniquely to the customers needs-even down to the look of the GUI...not *locked down* in any way..current in the IPAD age..

We do not source off a distributor,we deal direct with numerous manufacturers to continually have an adaptive system appropriate to this fast moving IPAD age..

I believe for many years the consumer has been *ripped off* with the cost of Home Automation..some might say its still happening.. ..

I want to change this,I have brought our custom solution into the realm of the IPAD age-an intelligent home system that interacts with todays modern technologies as opposed to sitting in a seperate world of yesterday!

This is the perfect compliment to our custom cinema prowess-no longer ridiculous costs from home automation inflating the cost,top quality at a sensible price made simple....

Best Regards,

Vince Myers M.D.

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