Sunday 3 February 2013


Hello Folks,

I would like to talk a bit about what diffrientiates Projectiondreams from other companies.

We are at current the only company in the Algarve with THX and ISF credentials..but there are a few good companies in the u.k. with these credentials for example..Though, few who have been ISF professionals for 15 years like myself or have onboard THX professionals with many years of experience..

Nevertheless,there will also be some companies in the Algarve try and play catchup or try to aquire *badges* to be able to say to customers they are the same as Projectiondreams..(when of course they are not..)

In fairness, as much as im proud of our THX and ISF heritage and qualifications,we are somewhat more advanced now in terms of our Cinema 360 ideology...and indeed have started our own seminars of training courses for professionals that already have THX and ISF..

Im not being ostentatious, but there is NO competition to projectiondreams in the Algarve in the realm of cinema,there is no company as experienced or that has shown such innovations as us...and can prove that with a body of work as accomplished as Projectiondreams.

Its not about *badges* for me..its about this...

This is why Projectiondreams are special..knowledge gained over many years has enabled us to be able to offer a blend of Audio and Video equipment that through skillful setup,punches above its weight..and offers our customers the best for their money..we could sell ridiclously priced kit as some have..and still do...but we dont,we choose to sell that which we know gives our customers the best performance and offer sound advice based on our experience..

We will continue to do this..:-)

Best Regards,

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