Saturday 28 September 2013


Dear Folks,

At Projectiondreams we have always designed a Cinema/Entertainment/Music room to the clients tastes both aesthetically,sonically and budgetary.

We have further fine tuned using our Cinema360 Expert Setup .

Now,we have further developed Cinema 360 to ensure clients preferences are precisely tailored.. 

What do I mean by this?

A rooms acoustics and layout- for example, are incredibly important to convey the correct emotion of whats being listened to or watched.

Have you ever walked past a bar and heard live music?  (*of course you have..)..its obvious its live music-and there is a very good reason for this.

Live music is uncompressed in the bass area specifically..recorded music is compressed and that compresses the bass down as well..

So,IF a room is designed correctly you can "adjust" to compensate for the compression to replicate more a "real event".

But we can go further...using the correct products and setup we can prepare a room for a clients specific tastes of music for example...a Jazz fan can have a room "tuned" for jazz and even have a specific memory setup on their controller...we can suggest the ideal equipment for Jazz.. 

We call this- S.P.R.-Specific Room Tuning..

Within S.P.R we shall have Optimal Preferences..

So,for example,a customers preference may be that his Music Room is optimal for Jazz & Blues and has an intimate club sound and feel..or his Entertainment room is optimal for gaming and has Immersive qualities..

At Projectiondreams we believe this to be the missing part of the perfect puzzle of Audio Video and are the first company in Europe to offer such tailoring.

Regardless of what other Audio Video purveyors may tell you,there is no speaker or Amplifier that sounds great with ALL material-if there were-there would only be one speaker and one amplifier in the world for sale!

In the Hi Fi community it`s long been known that equipment matching is critical to get a great sound..knowledge has always ensured that a clients musical preferences are catered for and the right equipment suggested...

..And different speaker technologies sound different..Horn speakers are very dynamic-that`s why they are used in all the top cinemas in the world..Electrostatics can be very detailed..Ribbons-expansive...and so on..

It is a fool that only touts one speakers and touts as great for everything.. (*and a bigger fool that believes it..) or indeed suggests the wrong speakers for the "application"....

The same applies with a listening room ..NOBODY has yet succeeded in building a consumer room that sounds optimal for Rock,Jazz,Blues,Orchestral and so on...yes,you can get decent all rounders at the highest price points-but its still a compromise..and we think,optimal beats compromise any day of the week...:-)

"Would Pavarotti sound right in a jazz club? Would a symphony sound good in a basement? What do you want your room to do?"

Quote:- Clint Deboeur. 

Just tell us and let the S.P.R. Process create the perfect environment for your Movie and Musical tastes.

Best Regards,

Vincent Myers M.D. Projectiondreams

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