Sunday 8 September 2013


Hello Folks,
Recently I heard of quite an insulting & shocking statement from someone in the Portugese Audio Video market..

It was quote:- " I employ Portugese people"..said like he was doing them a favour....

To me this is like saying...I`m not racist I have a black friend..

I have never been racist or me what`s important is if a man is a good man..or a woman a good woman -what geographical location they come from is frankly irrelevant.

What counts when Projectiondreams employ somebody is IF they are the best qualified person for the job.

I deplore companies that come to Portugal and are not interested in the Portugese market but make a point about employing Portugese people as almost a "concession"...these people are hypocrites and do this whilst focusing primarily on non Portugese markets.

I have installed all over the world and sold equipment all over the world for many customers are all over the world..they are customers all and IF they are enthusiasts interested in Audio video that`s good enough for me!

I have since heard that this person treats his staff abominably wherever they come from-so at least there is some consistency & equality to all..:-)

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