Thursday 23 July 2015


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In the 1950s to the 1970s,Commercial Cinema used many techniques to combat the prolific uptake of Television.

Quality was the name of the game..the Large screen experience that t.v. could not great widescreen formats like Todd AO and Panavision moved aside for Cinerama at 70mm ( A theoretical resolution of 8K) with a magnetic sound track able to be played through multiple speakers..

Of course that theoretical resolution of 8K dropped down to nearer 5K once the film had undergone scanning/prints etc..

For example,Sonys restoration of Lawrence Of Arabia took the 65mm original negative and scanned on two large format 65mmImagica XE scanners at FotoKem at 8K to capture the resolution of the 65mm negative, resulting in a file size of 8192x3584 pixels. ..but it was down scanned to 4K..

Even so,it has taken almost 50 years to match this quality in the home..

But for Audio Video consumers in 2015,its great times,because for the first time ever a top consumer Cinema can equal or indeed exceed a top commercial Cinema.

Its almost the norm for Projectiondreams to install curved 2.35.1. ratio large screens above 2.5 Metres wide,11 channel audio systems now expanded to at least 14 channels with the advent of Dolby Atmos..

No longer is the consumer the poor relation,in fact the experience in the home can be far better because light can be better controlled,the image can be uniquely calibrated,the audio precisely tuned to that space..the Movie chairs can be comfier..the experience more private with nobody caughing or talking on an I PHONE behind you...

A 4K (4 times the resolution of HD) image on a 3 Metre screen from a viewing distance of upto 5 Metres can be almost holographic...speakers placed perfectly for YOUR viewing position can create a far more enveloping soundfield..techniques applied to eliminate reflections ( which are prevalent in most Cinemas)

So..more comfortable..more tuned..more enveloping both in Audio and Video terms..AND the impact of that 4K resolution on that curved screen is akin to the best ever Cinerama experience..finally..

..But talk is cheap of course..Projectiondreams prefer to prove it in either our Almancil branch or Luz branch..both THX Dolby Atmos Cinemas with large 2.35.1 ratio curved screens showing an ISF calibrated image...

Projectiondreams have brought back the top Cinema experience using the latest equipment ..and together..we have brought back the resolution...


Best Regards,
Vincent Myers M.D.

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