Monday 27 July 2015


Dear Folks,

Our new Luz showroom is open now...For the Western Algarve I wanted to bring the same all round mixture of quality,uniquety and price that Projectiondreams are famed for in Almancil.

This meant showing some different things from the Projectiondreams catalogue..some different concepts..some different equipment..

In the main showroom-nice and simple-the current best t.v.s from Sony Professional with the greatest warranty in Europe..3 years and a 48hrs swap out if ANY issue-and Projectiondreams are the only company allowed to sell Sony professional products in the Algarve.

Canton sound bars..the current best in the world..superb sound...

Naim hi fi systems,beautiful sounding life style products with fantastic looks!

Loewe Art t.v.\s ..built like battleships,Projectiondreams were the first in the Algarve to sell Loewe products..(Of course others have copied us now) sold with a free calibration by one of the best ISF calibrators in the world..our M.D. Vincent Myers..

Of course our three different packages of HD IPTV for every budget and our internet solutions with unique tweaked Business routers and Booster masts for those with poor internets..

The aesthetic in the main showroom is Silver screen influenced of course..with great posters and beautiful Maple woodwork,,,

Dont forget to ask to see our "Safe Room" and custom comms center....

Finishing this off we have automatic blinds,key fob alarm systems,climate control, name it ..all operable from an IPAD using our Bitwise programming...

...But thats not all folks!

We also have the first 14 channel Dolby Atmos THX Cinema in Portugal.(.Our second actually..the other is an 11 channel system in Almancil..)..

With our "Blackout 360" electronic door,our custom Universe Star ceiling and new model Cinema seating (..with just a nod to Bentley) the Marantz electronics and Cinema 360 media server get a chance to shine in this sound proofed,acoustically treated room enhanced by M & K Sound speakers ( Used by George Lucas to master the Star Wars movies at Skywalker ranch..)

The large 3metre wide ADEO ( parent company of Screen Research) 2.35.1 curved screen is acoustically transparent and hides the 3 x S300 M & K speakers housed in the THX baffle wall...a HUGE X12 sub complements the bass..bass you can feel as well as hear!

The sound is will never have heard anything like this..circular arrangement to create a 360 degree sound field with sound above as well as to the sides and rear...

What makes it even more special is the "Flush Fit"  PANEL we have patented ..the aim is no deviations in the sound field and the absolute erradication of sound reflections..

..And the picture...well it goes without saying that an ISF certified company for 16 years knows a thing or two about picture quality..and of course the brightness and picture dynamic..even the viewing distance.. is in conformance with THX picture ideals to achieve a 36 degree viewing angle...

Finally,all is controlled from the IPAD..all nice and simple...

Let\s leave the last word to our M.D...

" Many tout they can build Cinemas or Entertainment rooms-yet few can actually show the customer.

If they have attempted Cinemas, its more from an enthusiast perspective than a professional one. Projectiondreams has traded for 16 years with the same name-never an ounce of debt-never a failure..100\s of Cinemas and Entertainment rooms..we are proud of that..we are proud to show our customers what we have done,and what we can do-we walk the walk not just talk the talk..our prices are not inflated either..we are the ONLY install company that publishes the prices of their products...

in fact with our own Custom Cinema chair company and our own fabrication of acoustic panels and every element necessary in a deal with one company..a company of professionals that love what they do..I am exceptionally proud of the new Luz showroom and the efforts of my team to ensure that our love for Music and the Movies is apparent"

Vincent Myers M.D.

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