Wednesday 29 July 2015


Hello Folks,

For over 12mths Projectiondreams looked for an IPHONE/IPAD partner-the criteria was exemplary customer service,top notch skillset and awareness/future vision of the convergence aspect of these technologies.

None of the companies Projectiondreams looked at met all the criteria necessary except IREPAIRS ALGARVE.

A legitimate LDA company owned and operated by Mark Rawcliffe.

Now I knew Mark from over 6 years ago when Projectiondreams rented some shop space from him..

As a person, I knew Mark to be honest,reliable and technically very competent..indeed many moons ago I offered him a job because I knew he had all the tools to become a stirling Audio Video the time Mark turned me down...

Of course he shouldn\t have done a Mountie determined to get his man our paths have converged again and Projectiondreams have incorporated IREPAIRS ALGARVE under the SERVICE 360 banner..

Indeed Mark is now handling Business Development at my new Luz showroom for not only IPHONE/IPAD repair business but all matters Audio Visual.

Anyone doubting Mark\s ability need look no further than the new Luz showroom where Mark has been heavily influential in the installation/population of said.


IREPAIRS ALGARVE using the SERVICE 360 ethos have completely revamped supplier chains,lead times,component prices to now be able to offer an 18mths warranty on ANY repaired item and FREE lifetime support.

Repairs are not sent away to anyone they are repaired in house at our facility in Luz where we have invested in all the repair equipment necessary to, in a lot of respects, make the IPHONE/IPAD better than before it was broken!

The service is a given,the solution where humanely possible-cost effective..

We also have a lot of special deals on older IPHONES and buy older IPHONES for fair rates.

We have a trade in policy,where lets say for example you have an IPHONE 4s with a damaged screen but want an IPHONE 5 then we shall affect the trade without costing you time or stinging you in the pocket...

BUT...there is one area where IREPAIRS ALGARVE is now unique in Portugal and NO other company can offer this in Europe..

Proejctiondreams use Bitwise control software optimal for the IPAD/IPHONE and can write custom code so you can control your a.v.,your lights..your whole house from your IPHONE or IPAD..This of course saves an absolute fortune for you and does away with that plethora of remotes..

You can come into our Luz facility and plan your IPAD home safe in the confidence that ANY issue and your IPAD/IPHONE can be repaired...within 24/48hrs for IPAD subject to parts,IPHONE...Same day instore repair for IPHONE 

Convergence is here....ONLY at Projectiondreams.....

Vincent Myers M.D.  

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