Friday 25 January 2019


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Well,in the "old days" people sought three quotes (**with most choosing the middle value one.)

For services or labour-assuming each company was equally competent-this made some sense.

But does it make ANY sense with technology for example?

Making another assumption that ALL three companies are equally competent and ALL propose the exact same brand items as each other then the quote makes sense and cost becomes an important factor as nobody like to overpay.

Of course this scenario hardly ever happens because those three shops will not sell the same brands-precisely why in the hi fi industry and audio video industries..the sale has always depended on two main things..

1. The quality of demo/facilities.

2. The proficiency of that given company. (Qualified within the industry?  Testimonials?..Previous works?..)

This way the customer gets to experience for themselves the value of that which is encapsulated in the demonstration.

At Projectiondreams for example, we know we can prove our proficiency by that which we show..we espouse that which -for example with a client considering a Cinema-has TRUE Cinema Pedigree.

To give an analogy,if someone wanted to buy a sports car you wouldn`t try and sell them a 4 x 4 .

That someone wouldn`t -or shouldn`t -convince themselves that both will elicit a sports car performance.

Projectiondreams learnt many years ago that submitting a quote meant two things...

1. That the client-in the main- didn`t understand the difference in quality between items stated and had the mentality that a projector was a projector was a projector..

2..Really,it was about WHICH quote suited their budget..

So that quote the technological industry unless comparing apples with apples is completely useless and will favour the quote that matches what the client wants to spend.

In fact,the reverse is true..that chosen quote could have poor quality items..and IF you don`t know the company or have not checked them out,how do you know they will do a decent job?

It`s a fact that in the 20 plus years that Projectiondreams have been trading,not ONE person has ever asked to see our testimonials.

Now of course,we take that as a compliment because what we show the client is so convincing their own eyes and ears tell them the answer-nevertheless IF i was purchasing an expensive system here`s what i would do..

1.......Check the company out..ask for testimonials....ask for PROOF OF PROFICIENCY...(For that company certified as having THX and ISF professionals onboard?..Is that company a member of CEDIA?

2......Have a demonstration..for example..NEVER buy a Custom Cinema WITHOUT a demonstration...

3.....Always have two or three demonstrations if you can.

4....Try and establish IF the company you are dealing with is  A DISTRIBUTOR OR A DEALER.

A lot of dealers only sell that which their distributor espouses-BECAUSE..they have to...and in some instances don`t have the requisite knowledge to "go it alone"....

***Projectiondreams for example are distributors for most of their brands-our knowledge of the industry guides consumers and dealers alike..our prices also reflect that.

5....Give that company a budget then PUT your trust in the professionals..IF your budget is unrealistic for what you want,then the company will tell you..

For example,Projectiondreams build Custom Cinemas and have the largest portfolio of work in Portugal-which of course means-the most experience-we have three showrooms which shows the way the company has been able to grow..

Our Cinemas are built using solid acoustic principles and preparation and our equipment is at the requisite level required for the given space-again based on the science of what is necessary to adhere to the audio video known`s established by the guiding bodies...

You cannot get a good complete TRUE Cinema under a certain price point..

Below that point there have to be compromises made...

Of course there are alternatives under that budget,a Cine Lounge for example can have the quality necessary but encapsulated in a less "formal" arrangement.

So what is key is what one`s budget is and disclosing that..let the professionals make the right suggestions....but don`t think that by employing the "quote" process that you will get the same for will get LESS for less...that`s all. 



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