Monday 21 January 2019


Dear All,

At Projectiondreams we are passionate about raising the bar of the home cinema experience to equal or exceed the greatest commercial cinema experience.

This means matching specifications and products and aural & visual preparations.

At Projectiondreams we are endorsed by the major commercial manufacturers of the real cinema experience and our criteria matches those exactly.

Sony Professional for our 4K laser projectors...

Recently we have been awarded distributorship of Aurea speakers-the consumer version of the famous LW speakers used by all the top commercial cinemas around the world.

Our systems are Dolby Atmos..and we have devised specific systems for specific room sizes..

Here`s what Luis Wassman (LW speakers) has to say about our packages...

"  these are designed by true professionals "..

Praise indeed from the guy that provides sound for the greatest commercial cinemas in the world...

Most notably the Odeon Luxe in Leicester Square-rated as the best Cinema in Europe,.

For example,do you know the ideal brightness level to achieve in a Cinema?

It has to be spot on..and we match the level achieved by dual laser projectors in the Odeon Luxe...31 Ft Lamberts..

This means the ideal dynamic picture WITHOUT a headache....

Then let`s talk about the acoustics of the actual has to be a neutral aural playing field with excessive reflections and bass boom eradicated/corrected.

Studio Standard.

So for your Cinema..what do you know?

It will match the criteria and specification of the very best commercial cinema..the Odeon Luxe..indeed due to the intimacy and studio standard will top will have the latest sound codecs like Dolby Atmos and DTS X,Auro 3D and be endorsed by Sony Pro and Luis Wassman-the two main players in the commercial market..

..Ohhh..and IF you want your Cinema chairs exactly the same as those used in the Odeon Luxe..we shall make them for you...

Accuracy is everything..

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