Tuesday 20 November 2012


Hello Folks,

I have delayed the official opening of my new showrooms in Almancil (*though Projectiondreams is still trading as normal) due to my decision to ensure it is truly special in the mix of products/services offered...if your gonna do it..do it right...:-)

Obviously,I dont want to spoil the surprises totally,but I do want to share with you a few *secrets* of some of the uniqueties we will be offering...

To whet your appetite,lets first talk Satellite...this has been a nightmare in the Algarve for the consumer who has only been offered incredibly basic solutions...and convoluted sky card sevices that are incredibly expensive...

..What IF...Projectiondreams had a solution that could give you ALL your Sky channels WITHOUT your need for a card?..What IF you could watch different premium channels in different rooms from ONE sky card?...What IF you could have ALL the premium channels you want for 50% of the normal cost?....Interested?

What IF..Projectiondreams offered FREE satellite channels built into our Media servers and media players..What if you could start watching a movie or T.V program downstairs and finish watching it in your bedroom?

What IF our customers could operate these multi purpose boxes from their iphone?..and the movie paused when you got an incoming call?

At Projectiondreams,we have these solutions NOW..and you will soon be able to see for yourself...

What about finally,a completely customised,cost effective, home automation solution-?

What about the first THX ULTRA consumer cinema on display in portugal,with THX baffle wall?

What about for the first time EVER in Portugal ,the complete expertise of home automation,cinema,security,multi room A.V. and satellite from one QUALIFIED company that ensures ALL is 100% for the customer and completely 100% integrated...

...and this guys..is a fraction of what we will have on display...:-)

Best Regards,

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