Sunday 18 November 2012


Hello Folks,

As consumers we have many choices,but how do we know whats the best choice?...With many companies professing to be able to do this and that..wheres the truth in the situation?...How does the consumer make an informed choice?

In the Audio Video world,its actually quite easy!

What a customer should look for is pedigree, proficiency and previous work...

At Projectiondreams we have 40 years plus of pedigree-involving real movie company experience-the two highest Audio Video credentials..THX and ISF acreditation and regularly display pics of our projects,indeed ALL the pictures on our website are OUR work.

I would also add that uniquety is important,the ability to produce something special...we`ve done that as well...

BUT..the most important thing to consider is the setup of the kit,all the above contributes to that of course and our Cinema 360 ideology goes way beyond the rank and file purveyors of equipment..

THE truth is its KNOWLEDGE that allows the perfect blend and setup of the right equipment for the space..

A great chef  can blend the ingredients into something special,a beautiful average cook can never do that EVEN if they use EXACTLY the same ingredients-they will never know the correct preperation or the right amounts of ingredients...

Its the same with great setup,great setup comes with knowledge,the ability to make your kit perform at optimum is through experience..someone without that experience can NEVER equal what Projectiondreams are able to do on setup..and there is NOBODY in Portugal with that kind of experience and knowledge of setup apart from Projectiondreams!...Thats a Fact..

There are many *cooks*..there is only ONE to REALLY cook..Projectiondreams...

Our work proves it...and our and old..can see that....we dont just talk the talk..we walk the walk...

We continually set the bar of the customers choice is crystal clear...:-)

Best Regards,

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