Sunday 4 November 2012


Hello Folks,
Every poll iv`e ever read regards this subject is either decided by critics or box office or votes.

There are of course flaws in all process`s,if its the critics choice there has to be some obscure Japanese film or swedish film about whales..:-) office-unless adjusted for inflation-is meaningless and voting is always by current people from the era the poll is taken in... 

Certainly if we look at critics polls,the consistent top movie is Citizen Kane-but box office adjusted for inflation is Gone with the Wind from 1939!..which I would argue certainly proves,based on ticket sales that Gone with the Wind is the most sucessful movie of all time.

Box office not adjusted always turns up Avatar as the top movie..a blatant re hash of Dances with Wolves that rarely features in most polls...but is a far superior movie in every way..

But is it the greatest?  Just because A Movie is massively hyped and loads of folks go and see it isn`t indicative of how many actually liked it..or loved it...

Current public polls are pretty hopeless because most polled are young people whose knowledge of movies is limited to 15-20 years at best...wheres the poll from 90 year old movie fans?....Thats would be more relevant...

..So these polls normally turn up that mediocrity-the Shawshank Redemption as best movie.
Mainly because in the young folks polled,its the only movie without an explosion,wizards wand or chap in a latex suit! ..I.E. the only film with half a story they can remember..

Of course it comes down to personal choice ultimately,but I think there are a handful of movies that can be considered truly great,and by great I mean great performances,great music,great story,great direction and so on...

In terms of directors,I dont particuarly like Speilberg,for me his movies are formulaic and apart from Jurassic Park and Schindlers List,he hasn`t made a very good movie let alone a great one..

George Lucas the same,the Star Wars movies are fun thats all..beyond that..average movies...

I Would also add that for me,its seminal movie moments,overall impact and the fact the movie hasn`t dated- that count as well..

So here top 30..My top tier Movies.

1.Lawrence of Arabia

2.The Searchers

3.Blade Runner

4.As Good as it Gets

5.Dances With Wolves

6.The Excorcist


8.One Flew Over The Cukoos Nest


10.Schindlers List

11.The Godfather Trilogy

13.The Bridge on the River Kwai
14.Mary Poppins

15.Black Narcissus


17.South Pacific

18.Great Expectations

19.Terminator 2

20.Jurassic Park

21.The Jungle Book (Disney)



24.The Great Escape

25.The Bride Of Frankenstein

26.Once Opon a Time In America

27. Predator

28.The Magnificent Seven


30.2001 A Space Odyssey

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