Friday 23 November 2012


Dear Folks,

Here is the first view of one one of our 6 showrooms in the new facility in Almancil..the FIRST consumer THX ULTRA 2 4K cinema in Portugal..

Everything in this room has been considered,from sound roll off\s to THX baffle wall and the use of the Klipsch THX ULTRA 2 speaker system,this is a 9.2 sound system,prepared for 11.2.

**Other kit info to follow...

Around the screen is black velvet and a floating 2.35.1 curved acoustic 8ft wide screen.,hinged to be able to show the speakers behind...the panels are acoustic with suede covering with oak accent front and rear stages with blue accent lighting..

Initial sound checks have confirmed the initial acoustic analysis with a superb deep,crystal clear sound that begins and ends exactly as it should..proof positive that NOTHING touches horn speakers for sound quality in a correctly prepared Cinema room!

As Ive said many times,setup is EVERYTHING..and the most crucial performance aspect is the thought given to ensuring the room is a level platform in terms of audio responses..its not just about the kit.the kit is but the messager of the dream-the dream is the correct construct...

Projectiondreams dedication to fastidious setup,proficiency relating to cinema accuracy and Cinema 360 ideology with the design/acoustics/construct/equipment we use, is what allows us to always do something special for our customers..and in Almancil..this can be seen...

Indeed,we already have numerous appointments booked before we have even opened!

Book yours early...

..So much more to tell you...:-)


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