Monday 15 October 2012


Hello Folks!!

Us busy chaps at Projectiondreams have a lot on at the moment-not complaining mind-what with the refit of our new Almancil showroom and a large house project involving Home Automation in 9 zones,cinema,entertainment area,kitchinette,outside audio video system,video entry,security,multi room name it..

In addition we have a number of other projects taking shape with Juventino-the interior design company.

Now Juventino has traded in Europe for over 15 years and is recognised as one of the best in Portugal..his work is STUNNING....

Never before in Portugal,from inception of design to completion, has equal thought been given to both the aesthetic and technical attributes of a project..with Projectiondreams never has an interior design been planned with acoustic and visual considerations from the get go...

I dont have to tell you the benefits of this,but to know that your audio visual environment has integrity within a world class aesthetic brings an incredible peace of mind to clients and developers both,who traditionally had to accept a nicely decorated room with a few bits of kit lobbed in as an afterthought with little acoustic or visual consideration contained...

This is no longer the case..we can design a cohesive total solution with the skill of a world class interior designer and our own Cinema 360 ideology that builds on ISF and THX technical skills..its the best of both worlds in one package..:-)

...And...I will have some other very special anouncements coming very soon..:-)

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