Wednesday 10 October 2012


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There is nothing worst than spending a lot of money on an Audio Visual system or environment only to have it become outdated in 4/5 years necessitating expensive upgrades...Invariably,if you havent originally purchased from the company that does the upgrade-they are not interested in PXing your older kit..or if they do..offer you peanuts...Even with companies that have originally supplied,a usual method is that the company over price the new goods to compensate for the amount they give you on the old you get nothing for your old goods..

At Projectiondreams we have ONE Upgrade Policy.

(1),,For ALL customers we offer them 30% of the original R.R.P. price for their old kit in trade up..ALL Projectiondreams prices NEVER exceed R.R.P.

On any older system we will recommend exactly what you need,you may for example be able to keep the speakers but the A.V. receiver needs most cases of systems over 4 years old,the projector will need upgrading to full HD/3d or indeed in high end systems..4k (*4 times the resolution of 1080p).
We will give a FREE site survey and advise exactly what you need to revamp your system..

We will explain exactly how you can benefit from the newer sound codecs found on audio equipment and resolution advances in projectors..

One little tip I will give have a full cinema,your screen aspect ratio should be 2.35.1...this is the widescreen aspect found on most blockbuster movies..if your staple diet is movies..this is the screen you should have...NOT 16.9...16.9 is a compromise aspect ratio designed for t.v...SKY is 16.9...and not ONE blockbuster movie has ever been made in 16.9..

This is why when you watch a blockbuster movie on a 16.9 screen you have black bars top and bottom in those black bar areas you are losing a lot of the projector panels that 1920 x 1080 projector you have?.....your not watching all the panel resolution available..your losing about 33% of the possible the black bars..

At a cinema you dont have this problem,they employ a constant height only the sides move in and out depending on how wide the image is...

In short,5 years ago and more you could have had a setup that ensured that no resolution was lost in black bars top and bottom-but this was expensive and ONLY achievable with anamorphic lens ` and Auto masking CH (*constant height) can buy projectors with the ability to have *lens memory* and different aspect ratio setups available at the touch of a button, or in some cases-automatically....

..But..IF your purely sourcing for a cinema where SKY wont be not buy a 16.9 not accept ANY company that suggests such...because they havent got a scooby..:-)

At Projectiondreams we suggest the *punishment to fit the crime*..our aim is that you get the best system..and the right equipment for the environment..we are not interested in short term gain ..we want long term customers-as such its always R.R.P.s....and contrary to opinion not ALL a.v. kit in Portugal is more expensive than the u.k...(*not from us anyway)..we regularly beat u.k. prices through careful buying and the right distribution channels/partners.

So to all projectiondreams customers-current,new and secure in the fact that you can upgrade/optimise your setup cost effectively..:-)

Best Regards,

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