Wednesday 17 October 2012




We haven`t been around quite as long as the James Bond DB5,but Projectiondreams have had the same trading name for 14 years and are well known worldwide in the A.V. community.

Here are some of the industry firsts we have achieved  along our journey!

1. First A.V. company in Europe to advocate and sell 2.35.1 true cinema ratio setups with anamorphic lens`s.

2.First in Europe to sell customised CRT projectors in Europe with modified hdmi boards,video boards,custom cases etc.

3.The ONLY A.V. company in Europe with real movie world experience (7 years),with our M.D. having worked at Twickenham film studios and ARRI-aquiring knowledge of 35mm setup and lighting.

4.The first A.V.seller in Europe to self manufacture important elements of a cinema setup including-cables,screens,media servers and Blu Ray players.

5.First A.V. company in Europe with their own ideology-Cinema 360.

6. The only in Portugal with THX and ISF professionals onboard.

7.First in Europe to construct a  completely circular  cinema using the Cinema 360 criteria.

8.The only in Europe to have devised/implemented a trailer screening room for a major movie company.

9.  First in Portugal to design and build a themed cinema-the Stargate.

10.The first A.V. company in Europe to have 6 demonstration areas in a showroom.

11. The first in Portugal to build THX baffle sound walls into installs.

12. The first A.V. company in Portugal to demo a 4k projector.

13. The A.V. company chosen by Sony Europe to setup their demonstration 4k projector for Europe.

14. The first A.V. company in Europe to install fibre optics into walls in cinemas

15. The first A.V. company in the world to have built a replica/working Stargate and inserted into a ceiling.

16. The ONLY A.V. company in Portugal with 15 years solid project management background.

17. The first A.V. Install company in Portugal-to, from concept to execution,prepare their own designs and acoustic treatments .

18. The only A.V. company in Europe with such a long association with all things Audio Visual..40+ years.

19. The first A.V. company in Europe to define Audio Visual Environments.

20. The ONLY A.V. company in Europe affiliated with Kipnis Studio Standard of the U.S.

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