Tuesday 30 October 2012


Hello Folks,
We all know talk ultimately is cheap..every company will tell you they are the best..(*though unlike Projectiondreams they cannot prove it.)..

Nevertheless,there are folks out there who had *cinemas* from other companies years ago,most no longer trading now..before Projectiondreams opened their Install division.

The choice before for the customer WAS limited..inasmuch as there were no qualified companies around..there were companies that sold cheap and cheerful kit that was passed off as a cinema amidst a nicely interior designed room,there were companies that sold very expensive kit that WAS NOT optimised so therefore no better performing than well setup mid range kit.

In 95% of cases (*a lot of which iv`e revamped and cured now) there was zero thought given to light control,equipment placement or acoustics ..or seating placement for screen size,brightness levels,viewing angles and so on...

The other 5%,who realised there was nobody good enough to meet their total needs,imported Projectiondreams type qualified companies from the U.K....and of course paid through the nose for this remote install...

..But that`s the past..now a qualified company-who understands and masters in all the above  is here..


I`m not interested in offending the sensabilities of the unqualified,i`m interested in giving folks the BEST experience..and telling the TRUTH.

Anyone who has had a cinema 5 years ago or more has an out of date cinema,probably wont have 3d..or full HD...may not even have a Blu Ray player...may have a poor-by comparison to what we can do-designed Cinema..or the wrong screen,or poor acoustics...and so on....

In fact,I will go one step further and say this..IF you haven`t had one of a handful of top notch U.K. qualified company do your cinema...it may suffer in some respect..it could mean your kit isn`t performing to optimum and your not getting your moneys worth....

So,we will put our money where our mouth is...and state the following.....

Projectiondreams WILL come to your home F.O.C...make the requisite suggestions to improve ...F.O.C.....and/or re setup your existing equipment to perform at its best and provide you with the equipment to revamp your cinema cost effectively...this wont be F.O.C...:-)

I can assure you in ALL instances your cinema will be improved..WHOEVER originally  installed.

But here is where I throw down the gauntlet...anybody with a projector ..I will setup their projector for free and improve in 30mins the previous setup..

IN OTHER WORDS..to all you older cinema owners..there is no cost to gaining the advice to improve your cinema or your projector display picture..

What will happen afterwards...is that ABSOLUTELY,UNEQUIVOCALLY,100% ...you will have gained something for nothing...and have a better setup..or indeed an upgrade path...that`s how passionate I am about ensuring folks get the best from their audio visual setup..whoever has done it in the past..thats the past...Projectiondreams are the future..the best..and we have no fear putting our money where our mouth is and proving it..

Vincent Myers..M.D.


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